Stat 210 syllabus

Statistical Reasoning and Applications 


Bulletin description:  

An introduction to modern statistics designed to provide the

student with a solid foundation in statistical concepts, reasoning and applications.

Emphasis will be given to problem identification, methodology selection and

interpretation of results. Analysis of data accomplished by extensive use of

statistical computer software, thereby minimizing manual computation. Coverage

includes descriptive statistics, probability models, estimation, and hypothesis testing.

Credit for only one of ST 210 or ST 315 is allowed.

Prerequisite:   High school algebra is recommended.

Text:   Statistics, by McClave & Sincich, published by Pearson.  MyLabsPlus is

required. Book order options include:

 MyLab + Books a la carte:  ISBN-10: 1269730711, ISBN-13: 9781269730716

 MyLab + with Print: ISBN-10: 126971760X, ISBN-13: 9781269717601


Learning Objectives:  The emphasis of this course is to understand statistical

terminology, procedures and interpretation of results. Skill with formulas, graphs

and tables, interpretation of numeric results and use of software are all needed

for success in this course. 

 1. Differentiate between sample and population data

2. Organize, display and summarize data

3. Applications of Normal distributions

4. Understanding sampling distributions and applications

5. Understand inferential statistics including confidence intervals and hypothesis




Chapter 1 1 week
Chapter 2 1.5 weeks
Chapter 3 1.5 weeks
Chapter 4 1 week
Chapter 5 1 week
Chapter 6 1 week
Chapter 7 2 weeks
Chapter 8 2 weeks
Chapter 9 2 weeks
Chapter 10 1 week
Chapter 11 1 week


Time allotments are approximate and do not include exams.


Last Updated: September 30, 2014