Stat 305 syllabus

Applied Statistics for Health Sciences

Bulletin description: This course provides an introduction to statistical reasoning and data analysis for the health sciences. Coverage includes applications to evidence-based practice using methods of data collection, descriptive statistics, estimation, hypothesis testing, non-parametric statistics, correlation and other measures of association and inferences. Critique of selected research articles and case studies incorporating research and evidence-based practice will be adopted to connect statistics to daily work in the healthcare field. Students will develop skills in use of statistical computer software for data analysis.

This course has been specifically developed for RN-BSN/MSN and allied health students to build inter-professional collaboration.

Prerequisite: Finite math or Pre-calculus algebra.

Text: Statistics and Data Analysis for Nursing Research, by Denise F. Polit,

Second Edition. ISBN: 1269198025.

Learning Objectives: This is an applied statistics course emphasizing evidence-based practice (EBP) and interprofessional dialog. The course should provide an exceptional background for graduate courses and comprehension of statistics for research. It will also build interprofessional discussion. A detailed set of course objectives is available at


Chapter 1 1 week
Chapter 2 1.5 weeks
Chapter 3 1.5 weeks
Chapter 4 1.5 weeks
Chapter 5 2.5 weeks
Chapter 6 2 weeks
Chapter 7 1 week
Chapter 8 1 week
Chapter 9 1 week
Chapter 10 2 weeks

Time allotments are approximate and do not include exams.


Last Updated: September 30, 2014