Stat 340 syllabus


Design and Analysis of Experiments


Bulletin Description Principles, constructions, and analysis of experimental designs to include

completely randomized, randomized complete block, Latin square and split plot designs,

factorial experiments, designs with nested and/or crossed factors, multifactor experiments with

randomization restrictions, transformations, incomplete block designs, multiple comparisons

including contrasts, confounding, fractional replication, computer-assisted data analysis.


Prerequisite ST 210 or ST 315 . Computer Lab fee.


Text Design and Analysis of Experiments, 8th Edition by Douglas C. Montgomery , published

by Wiley , ISBN-13: 978-1118146927 ISBN-10: 1118146921


Learning Objectives:

The purpose of this course is to provide students with fundamental concepts of constructions

and analysis of commonly used experimental designs. This course will cover several designs

with a major emphasis on analysis of sample data using Statistical software and interpretation of

results. This course is intended for undergraduates, graduate students and working professionals

who engage or plan to engage in applied research in their fields. Investigating single factor

designs, block designs, Factorial Experiments Nested designs, Repeated Measure Experiments

designs with corresponding ANOVA.


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