Stat 475 syllabus

Statistical Computing and Graphics


Bulletin Description Introduction to computer-assisted analysis with statistical

computer software, including SAS, R/S-Plus. Coverage includes basics of SAS,

common SAS statistical procedures, high dimensional data visualization, some

elements of statistical computing such as numerical computation, symbolic and

graphical computation, and special topics selected by the instructor.

(Credit for both ST 475 and ST 575 is not allowed).


Prerequisite ST 210 or ST 315 or permission of instructor. Computer Lab fee.


Text Statistical Computing with R. by Maria L. Rizzo, Chapman & Hall/CRC. ISBN:

9781584885450, ISBN 10: 1584885459.


Coverage Material to be selected by the instructor


Learning Objectives This course is primarily intended for advanced undergraduate

students in engineering, physical sciences, life sciences and statistics first year

graduate students. Some popular statistical software, such as R, S-Plus, and SPSS, will

be introduced and topics will cover inputting data, analyzing categorical data, correlation

and regression, ANOVA, T-Test and non-parametric comparisons, visualization of

multivariate data.


Last Updated February 18, 2014