Stat 575 syllabus

Statistical Computing and Graphics

Bulletin Description: Introduction to computer-assisted data analysis with statistical computer software, including R and SPSS. Coverage includes bootstrapping for statistical reference nonparametric and parametric density estimation, high-dimensional data visualization, and special topics by the instructor. (Credit for both ST 475 and ST 575 is not allowed).

Prerequisite:  ST 210 or ST 315 or permission of instructor. Computer Lab fee.


Text:  Statistical Computing with R. by Maria L. Rizzo, Chapman & Hall/CRC. ISBN 13: 9781584885450, ISBN 10: 1584885459. 

Coverage: Material to be selected by the instructor

Learning Objectives: This course is primarily intended for advanced undergraduate students in engineering, physical sciences, life sciences and statistics first year graduate students. Some popular statistical software, such as R, S-Plus, and SPSS, will be introduced and topics will cover inputting data, analyzing categorical data, correlation and regression, ANOVA, T-Test and non-parametric comparisons, visualization of multivariate data.


Last Updated February 18, 2014