Client Rights

The USA Psychology Clinic values and strives to respect each individual patient/client and supports the following rights:

  • The right to receive services regardless of race, sex, ethnic background, religion, physical / mental disabilities, or sexual orientation.
  • The right to considerate and respectful care.
  • The right to receive evaluation and treatment based on your needs and goals.
  • The right to ask for and receive relevant, current, and understandable information concerning your diagnosis and/or presenting problems.
  • The right to expect all communications and records pertaining to treatment be treated confidential, except as required by law.
  • The right to be fully informed regarding evaluation and/or treatment services, and to the terms under which services will be provided.
  • The right to refuse evaluation or treatment of any kind unless law limits the right of refusal.
  • The right to be informed of treatment alternatives when services at the USA Psychology Clinic are not appropriate or feasible.

Confidentiality Statement

All psychological information is handled in a professional manner in accordance with guidelines of the American Psychological Association. Your records will not be sent to others without a signed release from you. If you have any questions about our privacy practices and/or questions about your confidentiality, you should ask your therapist or direct your question/concern to the USA Psychology Clinic Director, Dr. Kimberly Zlomke.