▼   Can I use my insurance plan at the USA Psychology Clinic?
The USA Psychology Clinic does not bill insurance for services provided by trainees (clinician in training). We offer affordable evaluation and therapy services on a sliding scale and reduced fees may be negotiated in unique situations. Payment is required at the time of services. Many of the supervising faculty do see clients on a fee-for-service basis and may take insurance for their services (See Supervising Psychologists for these options)
▼   Do I need an appointment to be seen?
Yes, our clinic does not offer walk-in services.
▼   How soon can I see a therapist?
Interested individual can call the clinic to request services. For therapy services an initial consultation visit will be scheduled within two weeks. This consultation us to better assess each client's individual needs. Supervisors review each case to determine if the clinic will be able to effectively serve the needs of each individual. If the clinic does not provide the services you need, we will provide you with referral information. There may be a waiting list at the Psychology Clinic for specific services.
▼   Who can use the clinic’s services?
We provide comprehensive psychological services to all members of the greater Mobile area and the USA community on a confidential basis.
▼   I’m a USA Student. What services are available to me?
We do provide psycho-educational evaluations for USA students. All USA students are eligible for free counseling through the USA Counseling and Testing Center (460-7051). If the Counseling and Testing Center does not meet your needs, please feel free to contact us.
▼   Does the clinic prescribe medications for mental health difficulties?
No, we do not provide medication but will work closely with your physician to provide the best possible care. We can also provide a referral to a medical provider if you are interested in an evaluation for medication.
▼   Does the clinic provide emergency services or crisis counseling?

No, if you are currently experiencing a crisis, we encourage you to contact the appropriate community resource listed below.

If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency or require immediate assistance, call 9-1-1

If you are experiencing a psychiatric crisis situation that is not life-threatening, call AltaPointe CarePointe at (251)450-2211. The crisis team provides emergency entry into AltaPointe's treatment programs or referrals to other community resources.

▼   How do I make an appointment?

Call the clinic office at (251)460-7149

▼   I am medical professional, how do I refer a patient?

Please fax a copy of our Referral Form to us at (251) 460-7267 or have your patient call us directly at 460-7149. Please let us know if we can do anything to coordinate our services.