Clinical Curriculum

All of the clinical rotations take place within the USA Health system, primarily at University Hospital and about 25 percent of the time at Children’s & Women’s Hospital. A summary of the clinical curriculum is as follows below.

Note that USA Health uses a 13 block (each of four weeks) schedule in all of its graduate medical education programs. One of those blocks is used for vacation. In emergency medicine that vacation block is split between selected ER blocks to be spread out across the year. 


EM July Introduction: 4 weeks
University Hospital ED: 12 weeks
Pediatric ED: 8 weeks
OB-GYN: 4 weeks
Neurology: 4 weeks
MICU: 8 weeks
Trauma: 4 weeks
Anesthesia: 4 weeks
Vacation: 4 weeks


EM (UH-ED and PED): 36 weeks
MICU: 4 weeks
EMS: 4 weeks
OB-GYN: 4 weeks
Vacation: 4 weeks


EM (UH-ED and PED): 36 weeks
EM Administration: 4 weeks
PICU: 4 weeks
Selective: 4 weeks
Vacation: 4 weeks


PGY1 Clinical Curriculum


PGY2 Clinical Curriculum


Central line teaching