Visiting Senior Medical Students

Audition Electives

The Fredrick P. Whiddon College of Medicine at the University of South Alabama thanks you for considering our institution for your away rotation. Students inquiring about visiting student learning opportunities may apply through the VSLO (Visiting Student Learning Opportunity) website. Please complete your application and submit all required documentation for your preferred Audition Elective via the VSLO website. We will begin accepting applications for the upcoming year April 16, 2024.

Prospective students are responsible for their own housing and transportation. Public transportation in Mobile is limited; an automobile is a necessity. The University is affiliated with the Rotating Room site. is a sublet website created by medical students to assist you with your housing needs.

Evaluation/Grade forms: It is the sole responsibility of the visiting student to ensure that their home institution’s evaluation/grade form is completed and returned to their institution. 

Note: The Whiddon College of Medicine reserves the right to cancel a rotation(s) for any reason. 

Currently the Whiddon College of Medicine does not accept applications from international and/or Caribbean medical schools. However, these students may apply for departmental interviews through ERAS.


For more information regarding our Visiting Student polices, you may email us at