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Program Listing 

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Results of a 2016 Graduate Student Survey

Top Things You Should Know

  • Secondary subjects focus includes observations AND student teaching.

  • Some courses are only available once per year, schedule accordingly.

  • Technical writing skills and knowing how to cite correctly is required.

  • Knowledge of exact hours required in the field and EXACT PRAXIS tests required for certification.

  • Scholarship availability. 

Info Students Wish They Knew When They Started  

  • Entry exams and PRAXIS requirements.

  • Capstone courses for IDD majors.

  • Services and facilities available for all graduate students (insurance, health clinics, etc.)

  • COE resources.

  • Comprehensive exam preparation and requirements.

  • Work/Life time management.

Professional Development

Below are the leading professional journals and resources for Education:

  • CSI Honor Society
  • Journal of Counseling (many subfields)
  • Journals: Qualitative Research, JPEER, journals on the organization sites
  • AERA
  • NCTE - English
  • NCTM - Math
  • NCSS - Social Studies
  • NSTA - Science
  • "National Art Educational Assoc
  • Alabama Art Education Assoc
  • Art Education Journal
  • Studies in Art Education
  • Journal of Learning Disabilities
  • Journal of Autism Developmental Disabilities
  • Exceptional Children
  • Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders
  • Counsel for Exceptional Children
  • American Association for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities