Services and Expertise

The Center for Real Estate and Economic Development at the University of South Alabama aims to provide business solutions and services for public, private and non-profit organizations along the Coastal Region.  

By combining the Center's academic and personnel resources, research and analytics capabilities, and expertise available throughout the Mitchell College of Business, we can deliver the following services to your organization:

  • Business consulting 
  • Corporate training 
  • Research, analyses and studies to support your decision-making; such as economic impact studies, tax impact studies, compensation studies, site location analyses, and others.           

Please review the Expertise Directory below to see in what areas these services can be provided. We will be happy to learn about your business needs and answer any questions you may have. Please contact the Center's staff to discuss how we can serve you.

Expertise Directory

  ◐   Accounting
Cost Benefit Analysis
Financial Reporting
Fraud - Fraud Auditing, Forensic Accounting
Tax Impact Study - Tool to estimate what impact will a project or a tax-related legislation have on tax collection.
  ◐   Economics
Economic Impact Studies - General economic impact studies as well as specialized impact studies on specific topics:
  • Social and environmental sustainability - What impact will the new environmental & sustainable policies have on a geographic area?
  • Urban policy - What impact will a new urban planning and/or development policy have on the community's welfare?
Monetary Economics - Monetary Aggregation, Monetary Policy
  ◐   Economic Development
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) & Mapping
Site Inventory Analysis
Site Development Plan
Tax Incentives Structure
Community Development - Infrastructure development and subsidies for communities.
  ◐   Entrepreneurship
Business Plan Development
Lean Startup
Crowdfunding - Product-based, donation-based, and investor-based crowdfunding.
Product Development
Feasibility Study
Social Entrepreneurship - Pursuing business goals while doing social good.
  ◐   Finance & Financial Management
Basic Finance
Corporate Finance - Corporate Financial Reporting, Manufacturing Cost Estimation, Trade Credit & Decisions, Business Entity Structure, Portfolio Management, Public Finance, Working Capital Management, Corporate Valuation, Project Valuation
Financial Institutions - Banking, Credit, Liquidity Management
Financial Investments - Investing Basics, Investment Analysis, Investment Credit, Portfolio Management, & Investment Trading Decisions
Financial Markets - Global Economy, National Economy, Local Economy, & Stock Market
Financial Statement Analysis
Personal Finance
Risk Management - Insurance
  ◐   Human Resource Management
Corporate Educational Systems - Creation of corporate universities and educational systems.
Employee & Organizational Surveys - Designing and analyzing employee and stakeholder surveys and attitude surveys.
Employment and Labor Law - Harassment, Affirmative Action, Discrimination, Wage & Hour Law
Performance Management - Performance Appraisal, Employee and Team Performance
Staffing - Personnel Recruitment, Personnel Selection
Training - Employee Training, Employee Development - creating systems to develop employees.
Wage and Salary Studies
  ◐   International Business
Cultural Analysis - Cross-cultural consulting and training for incoming and outgoing management and employees.
Foreign Direct Investment
International Corporate Strategy
International Finance - Foreign Exchange 
Internationalization - Growth Management, International expansions into new markets with new vendors and new technologies.
  ◐   Marketing and Communications
Advertising Strategy
B2B Marketing Strategy
Communication - Interpersonal Communication, Effective Listening, Conducting Effective Meetings, Presentation Skills, Writing 
Customer Behavior - Customer Service Strategy 
Digital Marketing - How to get the most out of your website, social media, and many other Internet tools.
Market Studies
Marketing Strategy - Marketing Plan, Market Research
Conflict Resolution - Arbitration, Mediation, Negotiation, Collaboration
Sales - Sales training programs.
  ◐   Operations Management
Productivity Management - Production Management, Manufacturing Productivity Improvement
SAP Software - Software training.
Supply Chain Management - Inventory management.
Total Quality Management - Quality improvements.
  ◐   Organizational Behavior
Coaching & Mentoring - Executive Coaching, Delegation & Motivation
Groups/Teams - Team Building,  Team/Group Performance
Leadership - General Leadership, Leadership Responsibility, Meaning at Work, Shared Leadership, Leadership Assessment, Leadership Development, Leadership Integrity, Managing Individual Differences, Emotional Intelligence 
Organizational Culture - Culture assessment & change. 
Organizational Development - How to manage organizational changes stemming from mergers and acquisitions. Design and implementation of organization-wide management programs. 
Personality Measurements - Personality Measurements and Attitudes
Soft Skills
  ◐   Quantitative Analysis
Applied Mathematical Programming
Data Analytics
Forecasting Methods
SAS Programming - SAS code development for data analysis, SAS training.
  ◐   Real Estate
Brokerage/ Agency - Construction 
Business Entity Structure
Real Estate Development - Mortgage lending, Investment Properties, REITs
Real Estate Investment
Property Management
  ◐   Strategic Management
Corporate Social Responsibility
Decision Making
Strategic Planning - Strategic Plan, Vision, Mission, Values, SWOT Analyses, Competitive Strategy, Appreciative Inquiry