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Articles from 2015:

Compromised encryption is a threat to national security (Infoworld 06/30/2015)
Be paranoid: 10 terrifying extreme hacks (Infoworld 06/15/2015)
How to Detect and Attack Evil Twin WiFi Access Points (Tripwire 04/02/2015)
Blocking the Property of Certain Persons Engaging in Significant Malicious Cyber-Enabled Activities (Whitehouse 04/01/2015)
Our Latest Tool to Combat Cyber Attacks: What You Need to Know (Whitehouse 04/01/2015)
9 Facts About Computer Security That Experts Wish You Knew (Gizmodo 03/04/2015)
A Hacker's Hit List of American Infrastructure (Theatlantic 01/02/2015)

Articles from 2014:

South Korean operator finds worm in its nuclear plant control systems (Arstechnica 12/30/2014)
'DeathRing' Malware Found Pre-Installed On Smartphones (Darkreading 12/04/2014)
Leveraging The Kill Chain For Awesome (Darkreading 12/03/2014)
Researchers Uncover Government Spy Tool Used to Hack Telecoms and Belgian Cryptographer (Wired 11/24/2014)
E-Cigarettes From China Spreading Malware Through USB Charger (Ibtimes 11/24/2014)
The U.S. government thinks China could take down the power grid (CNN 11/20/2014)
iPhone, Galaxy S5, Nexus 5, and Fire Phone fall like dominoes at Pwn2Own (Arstechnica 11/18/2014)
Hackers Devise New Simplified Phishing Method (Darkreading 11/06/2014)
BlackEnergy crimeware coursing through US control systems (The Register 10/29/2014)
US Military Officials, Defense Firms Targeted In 'Operation Pawn Storm' (Darkreading 10/27/2014)
What's the Best Way to Tell Your Mother and Your Bosses Why They Should Protest Surveillance? (Slate 9/20/2014)
Reconnaissance code on industrial software site points to watering hole attack - (Techworld 09/01/2014 )
The App I Used to Break Into My Neighbor’s Home ( 07/25/2014)
Crypto weakness in smart LED lightbulbs exposes Wi-Fi passwords (Ars Technica 7/08/2014)
Anti-forensic mobile OS gets your phone to lie for you (Boing Boing 6/16/2014)
True Goodbye: ‘Using TrueCrypt Is Not Secure’ (Krebs on Security 6/14/2014)
They Hack Because They Can (Krebs on Security 6/14/2014)
Ruling Raises Stakes for Cyberheist Victims (Krebs on Security 6/14/2014)
Operation Tovar’ Targets ‘Gameover’ ZeuS Botnet, CryptoLocker Scourge (Krebs on Security 6/14/2014)
eBay Urges Password Changes After Breach (Krebs on Security 05/14/2014)
Complexity as the Enemy of Security (Krebs on Security 5/14/2014)
The Target Breach, By the Numbers (Krebs on Security 5/14/2014)
Heartbleed bug: What you need to know (CNN Money 4/11/2014)

Articles from 2013:

DHS's Huge Cybersecurity Skills Shortage ( 09/20/2013)
The Effects Of The Snowden Leaks Aren't What He Intended (WFAE 9/20/2013)
RSA Tells Its Developer Customers: Stop Using NSA-Linked Algorithm (Wired 09/19/2013)
Fatal crypto flaw in some government-certified smartcards makes forgery a snap (Ars Technica 9/16/2013)
Google knows nearly every Wi-Fi password in the world (Computerworld Inc. 09/12/2013)
NSA surveillance: A guide to staying secure ( 09/06/2013)
Encryption is less secure than we thought (MIT News 08/14/2013)
Making Sense from Snowden: What's Significant in the NSA Surveillance Revelations (CN Computing Now 8/14/2013)
Nations Buying as Hackers Sell Flaws in Computer Code (The New York Times Company 07/13/2013)
New Gaping Security Holes Found Exposing Servers (Security Dark Reading 07/02/2013)
How Much is Your Gmail Worth? (Krebs on Security 06/13/2013)
Web Badness Knows No Bounds (Krebs on Security 06/13/2013)
As Obama calls out Chinese cyber-attackers, Silicon Valley leads charge against hackers (Associated Press 06/04/2013)
Moscow Rules: The original protocol for operating in the presence of adversaries can be applied to cyber defense(CTOvision 5/27/2013)
DDoS Services Advertise Openly, Take PayPal (Krebs on Security 05/13/2013)
Cyber sunk: Hackers find flaws in IT security on new Navy vessel (The Washington Times 4/24/2013)
Air Force hackers win NSA's 13th annual Cyber Defense Exercise (Network World 04/21/13)
USA School of Computing awarded $2.1 million grant for cyber scholars program (About 02/22/2013)
National Strategy, Roles, and Responsibilities Need to Be Better Defined and More Effectively Implemented (GAO-13-187, 02/14/2013)
The Antivirus Is Dead, Long Live the Antivirus! (Panda Security 2013)

Articles from 2012 :

Android botnet detected on all major mobile networks - SC Magazine (SC Magazine 12/19/2012)
Android malware and cloud abuse among top threats for 2013 (InfoWorld 12/13/2012)
Update: New 25 GPU Monster Devours Passwords In Seconds (Security Ledger 12/04/2012)
CyberCity allows government hackers to train for attacks (Washington Post 11/26/2012)
The 'silent crisis' in science and technology recruiting - (Random Spaf Items 11/18/2012)
NSA: Looking for a few good cybersecurity professionals (Random Spaf Items 11/18/2012)
How to Devise Passwords That Drive Hackers Away ( 11/07/2012)
For DHS, Cybersecurity Education Begins in Kindergarten ( 10/26/2012)
Developers ignore their security responsibilities: Oracle (ZDNet 10/16/2012)
Voter Registration Rolls in 2 States Are Called Vulnerable to Hackers (The New York Times 10/12/2012)
US: Hackers in Iran responsible for cyberattacks (APNEWS 10/12/2012)
DISA charged with securing networks for all but two agencies ( 09/25/2012)
1 Billion computers at risk from Java exploit (SecurityNewsDaily 09/26/2012)
Exploit Released for Zero-Day in Internet Explorer (Krebs on Security 09/17/2012)
Microsoft finds new computers in China preinstalled with malware (Computerworld Inc. 09/13/2012)
Security researchers to present new 'CRIME' attack against SSL/TLS (Computerworld Inc. 9/06/2012)
Explosion in malware bypassing traditional defences, study shows (ComputerWeekly 09/03/2012)
Air Force Openly Seeking Cyber-Weapons | threatpost (threatpost 8/28/2012)
Should developers be sued for security holes? (TechRepublic 8/23/2012)
Secretive group expands role in cybermonitoring - San Francisco Technology | ( 8/21/2012)
Swiss scientists develop algorithm to sniff out source of malware, spam attacks (Computerworld 08/13/2012)
How Apple and Amazon Security Flaws Led to My Epic Hacking (Wired Magazine 8/06/2012)
A Computer Infection that Can Never Be Cured (Technology Review 8/01/2012)
Tech Support Phone Scams Surge (Krebs on Security 08/02/2012)
Java flaws increasingly targeted by attackers, researchers say - Computerworld (Computerworld 7/25/2012)
Russia’s Top Cyber Sleuth Foils US Spies, Helps Kremlin Pals (Wired 7/23/2012)
Alexander vows that DOD will have full cyber readiness by 2014 (Defense Systems 07/17/2012)
Serial hacker says latest Android will be "pretty hard" to exploit (Ars Technica 07/16/2012)
Pentagon Digs In on Cyberwar Front (Wall Street Journal online 07/06/2012)
U.S. Critical Infrastructure Cyberattack Reports Jump Dramatically - Dark Reading ( 07/02/2012)
How a Lone Grad Student Scooped the Government and What It Means for Your Online Privacy - ProPublica( 07/02/2012)
FBI: Updates Over Public ‘Net Access = Bad Idea (Krebs on Security 05/11/2012)
Attackers target unpatched PHP bug allowing malicious code execution (Ars Technica 5/7/2012)
Skimtacular: All-in-One ATM Skimmer ( Krebs on Security 4/25/2012 )
Homeland Security chief contemplating proactive cyber attacks ( 04/17/2012 )
FBI: Smart Meter Hacks Likely to Spread ( Krebs On Security 04/09/2012 )
Top Ten Most-Destructive Computer Viruses ( 3/20/2012 )
Open source code libraries seen as rife with vulnerabilities ( Network World 3/26/2012 )
U.S. accelerating cyberweapon research (The Washington Post March 18)
Traveling Light in a Time of Digital Thievery ( 02/10/2012 )
Hackers claim to have intercepted call between FBI, Scotland Yard ( 02/03/2012 )

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