Financial Aid

There are a number of sources for financial assistance that can be found at the department, school and university levels.  This page provides an overview of some of the resources available, along with contact points.

▼   Office of Financial Aid

University of South Alabama Office of Financial Aid is committed to provide student financial assistance to eligible students to help pay the costs associated with attending college. Please visit the Office of Financial Aid website to discover the various types of student financial assistance that are available, the application procedures, eligibility requirements and the application deadline dates.

▼   Undergraduate Research Support  

For current undergraduate students, the SoC provides a limited number of assistantships, lasting a semester, to support research efforts.   In essence, for 10 hours a week, for 10 weeks, the students are paid to work on faculty directed research projects.  In addition to the support, the students obtain knowledge about cutting edge issues, allowing them to further differentiate themselves from others when applying for positions within both the workforce and graduate schools.  For more information, please contact Dr. Jeff Landry,


The University provides Fellowships that cover a summer stipend and modest supplies for undergraduate students who wish to conduct research with a faulty member over the summer.  For more information about this competitive program, please see this Office of Undergraduate Research webpage.

▼   Graduate Assistantships

The department and school offer a limited number of graduate assistantships, which provides support (tuition plus stipend) in return for the graduate providing 20 hours of work. Depending on the assistantship, this work  may include grading, teaching and/or research.  For more information, please contact Dr. Harold Pardue,