Information Systems Graduate Program Description


Computer-based information systems have become a critical part of products, services, and management of organizations. The Information Systems discipline centers on the development of systems that will improve the performance of people in organizations. Information systems are vital to problem identification, analysis, and decision making at all levels of management. Information Systems professionals must analyze the evolving role of information and organizational processes. Their work includes the design, implementation and maintenance of the information systems that form the backbone of today's global economy. Information Systems professionals distinguish themselves by integrating technology into business. Information Systems graduates pursue professional careers as application developers, database analysts, business analysts and into managerial positions. The combination of business, technical, and interpersonal skills are what recruiters demand of Information Systems professionals.


  • Business and organizational applications and information systems management.
  • The application of advanced technologies, tools, and methodologies to the goal of improving the performance of people in organizations

For IS graduate students, all learning does not take place in the classroom!

  • Trust in computing
  • Information Security, Information Assurance
  • Risk Assessment
  • Health Informatics
  • Digital Forensics
  • Network Security

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