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What is Nursing?

The University of South Alabama Bachelor of Science in Nursing program provides the
skills necessary for a rewarding career. Graduates are eligible and prepared to apply for
licensure as a Registered Nurse, enabling them to enter professional nursing practice or
continue with graduate study.

University of South Alabama nursing graduates have outstanding outcomes.
Employment rates are also outstanding. More than 90 percent of graduates find
professional employment immediately. Within six months of graduation, virtually all who
desire nursing jobs have found them.

While at South, students work with distinguished faculty members who share expertise
in nursing across the lifespan. Skill and simulation labs help students refine
their techniques; team-based learning allows them to collaborate with other students
and faculty, and resources and support help students achieve excellent outcomes. A
variety of clinical placement options allow students to gain practical experience and first-
hand knowledge into the many aspects of healthcare. In addition to classroom and lab
hours, students may elect to apply for the co-op program.

The bachelor of science in nursing program maximizes the value of each student’s
educational background. Traditionally, the first two years are spent in meeting general
university requirements with courses in science, math, arts and humanities, while the
last two years are focused on the professional preparation in nursing. The CON offers
an accelerated program for students who have earned a bachelor’s degree in another
field. In addition, an RN-BSN pathway is available to RNs who have completed an
Associate Degree in Nursing or a diploma.

South offers several paths toward a BSN:

  • A traditional four-year program for students with a high school diploma.
  • An accelerated program for students with a bachelor’s degree in another field.
  • RN to BSN Program for students with an Associate Degree in Nursing.
  •  An early admission program for students with a 3.5 high school GPA and 25
    ACT score.
  • An early admission program for freshman students entering their sophomore
    year at South.

If you’re not sure which option is best for you, our advisors can help you find the
best fit.

Career Opportunities in a Bachelor of Science in Nursing  

Students with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing can be found in many different fields and in various capacities including (but not limited to):

  • Nursing care facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Primary Care Offices
  • Pharmaceutical companies, if you are looking for patient education or sales rep roles
  • Private and public education institutions, if you want to become a nurse educator
  • Legal Nurse Consultant
  • Forensic Nurse Consultant
  • Correctional Nurse
  • Clinical Nurse Educator
  • Informatics Nurse Specialist
  • Telemedicine Nurse
  • Quality Management Nurse Consultant
  • Nurse Life-Care Planner

Salary Trends in Nursing

Salaries for those with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing will vary greatly depending on individual experience, education, and certifications. Please refer to the Occupational Outlook Handbook through the Bureau for Labor Statistics for salary trends for the specific area in which you are interested.


High School Preparation

Students who have been the most successful in the Biomedical Sciences major have completed college preparatory curriculum in high school which focused on biology, chemistry, and math. It is important for students to have a solid foundation and basic understanding of each of these subjects as the Biomedical Sciences curriculum includes several sequences of these courses that will build on the fundamentals of each area.


How to Major in Nursing 

The following courses are required for admission to the Professional Component of Nursing.  Students must earn a grade of “C” or higher in these courses to be eligible for admission to the Professional Component.

Humanities and Fine Arts

Fine Arts (Introduction to: Music, Drama, Art HY, Art Appreciation or Art Survey) 3 credit hours

*Literature elective (American, British, or World) 3 credit hours

Humanities elective (Literature for sequence, philosophy, Foreign Language, Music, Art, Drama, or Religion) 3 credit hours

CA 110 Public Speaking 3 credit hours

Natural Sciences

BLY 101 & BLY 101L Life Sciences & Lab (or higher) 4 credit hours

MA 110 or MA 112 Pre-calculus 3 credit hours

CH 101 & CH101L Chemistry & Lab (or higher) 4 credit hours

History/Social and Behavioral Science

PSY 120 Introduction to Psychology 3 credit hours

*History elective (US or Western Civilization) 3 credit hours

History/Social/Behavioral Science elective 3 credit hours

History/Social/Behavioral Science elective (history for sequence, psychology, sociology, political science, geography, communications, or anthropology) 3 credit hours

Major Requirements

BLY 213 & BLY 214 Microbiology & Lab OR

BMD 210 & BMD 210L Microbiology in Healthcare & Lab 4 credit hours

BMD 251 Human Anatomy & Physiology I includes Lab 4 credit hours

BMD 252 Human Anatomy & Physiology II includes Lab 4 credit hours

ST 210 / ST 305 / BUS 245 / PSY 220 Statistics (Select one) 3 credit hours

CIS 150 Introduction to Computer Applications elective OR 3 credit hours

CIS 010 Computer Proficiency Exam (must replace 3 credits) 0 credit hours

ECO 215 Microeconomics OR ECO 216 Macroeconomics 3 credit hours

Total Credits: 62

*Must have one history elective and one literature elective. In addition, you must choose a second history or second literature to complete a two-part sequence (e.g. US History I, US History II or American Literature I, American Literature II)

Academic Plan

Following an academic plan will help you stay on track to graduate in four years. 

Make sure to meet with your academic advisor to find the actual schedule that is right for you.

For additional degree information, visit the undergraduate bulletin.

Co-Op Information

The USA College of Nursing offers co-op opportunities to its current nursing students. This program is a great way to gain valuable work experience. To apply, students must have completed their first semester foundation courses and have a minimum 2.5 nursing GPA.

Study Abroad Information

The College of Nursing provides opportunities for our students to study nursing abroad in Haiti, Dominican Republic, Ireland, and South Korea.

For More Information

Please contact for additional questions.

You can find us on campus at:

USA College of Nursing
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
5721 USA Dr. N. Room 3083
Mobile, AL 36688-0002 
Ph: (251) 445-9400 
Fax: (251) 445-9416


*The information on this page should be considered general information only. For more specific information on this and other majors, please refer to the USA bulletin or contact the department/College directly.