SouthALACADA's Mission Statement
SouthALACADA's goal is to enhance and inspire academic advisors at the University of South Alabama. SouthALACADA will provide professional development and programming for advisors at the institution to help foster the educational growth of the academic advising community across campus. SouthALACADA as an allied member of NACADA will uphold the values and integrity of the academic advising profession.

SouthALACADA Officers


President Amanda Freyaldenhoven
Vice President Camry McCants
Communications Coordinator Shawn Minzes
Event Coordinator Brittney Day
Liaison Catherine Preston


SouthALACADA Presentations


The Six Phases of Appreciative Advising (2016-2017)

1. The Disarm Phase 

2. The Discover Phase

3. The Dream Phase

4. The Design Phase

5. The Deliver Phase

6. The Don't Settle Phase