General Counsel

The below form-fillable PDF templates have been pre-approved by the University's Office of General Counsel. If no changes are made to the template, it does not need to be routed through the University's Agreement Approval and Tracking system and can be processed according to the cover sheet accompanying each template. However, if any modification is made to a template, the agreement must be routed through the Agreement Approval and Tracking System.  The requesting department should retain a copy of the template once it is fully executed by all parties.


Athletic Facilities Use Agreement (External Parties) (PDF) 
Athletic Facilities Use Agreement (Internal Parties) (PDF)
Facilities Use Agreement (Mitchell Center)
Football Game Contract (Home and Home) (PDF)
Football Game Contract (Single Game) (PDF)
Non-Football Athletic Contest Contract (PDF)
Sponsorship Agreement (PDF)
Suite Agreement (Hancock-Whitney) (PDF)
Suite Agreement (Mitchell Center) (PDF)
Counseling & Psychology
Clinical Mental Health Counseling Internship Agreement (PDF)
Clinical Mental Health Counseling Practicum Agreement (PDF)
School Counseling Internship Agreement (PDF)
School Counseling Practicum Agreement (PDF)
Global USA
MOU with Foreign Institutions (PDF)
Student Recruitment Contract (PDF)
Internship Agreements
Internship Agreement for Health, Kinesiology and Sport (PDF)
Internship Agreement for Hospitality (PDF)
Internship Agreement for Integrative Studies (PDF)
PASSAGE Internship Agreement (PDF)
Amendment to Independent Contractor Consulting Agreement (Mutual Extension) (PDF)
Coastal Weather Center Agreement (PDF)
Facilities Use Agreement (Research) (PDF)
Independent Artist Agreement (Glassworks) (PDF)
Memorandum of Agreement for Archaeological Services (PDF)