Academic Affairs eForms

Academic Affairs Form #1 - Request to Fill or Add Faculty Position (PDF) 
Academic Affairs Form #2 - Academic Appointment Request Form (PDF) 
Academic Affairs Form #5 - Clearance Checklist 
Academic Disruption 

Academic Program Request Form 

  -- Degree Works (Undergraduates Only)

Affirmative Action Report
Annual Faculty Evaluation Form
Biographical Data Form 
Change of Grade Form 
Classroom Disruption/Behavior Concern Report 
Course Fee Approval Form
Course Syllabus Template
Credit by Examination 
Curriculum Action Form 
Exception for Teaching Undergraduate/Graduate Courses
Faculty Payroll Information Sheet
Faculty Qualifications Portfolio
Faculty Transcript Waiver Form  
FERPA Release - Medical
FERPA Release - Non-Medical Excuses 
Final Grade Grievance Form 
Notice of Faculty Grievance
Open Educational Resources (OER) Grant Program
Part-Time Faculty Appointment Form 
Part-Time Faculty Policy and Procedures 
Part-Time Faculty Teaching Evaluations Form 
Part-time Skills Lab Teaching Assistant Appointment Form
Policy and Procedures on Part-time Instruction by University Staff Employees
Promotion and Tenure Departmental Review Notification
Request for Extension
Request for Start-up or Matching Funds
Safe Apparel Standards for Instructional and Research Facilities
Search Committee Checklist (Updated 4/15)
Transient Credit Approval Form 
Transient Credit Approval Form - Study Abroad
USA Faculty Consent Form (Background Investigation)