Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Internal Departments

Below are some of the most frequently ask questions to the purchasing department. Click for questions related to vehicle rental. If your question remains unanswered, please review our purchasing manual.

▼   Q: How do I look up a J Number?

A: There are multiple ways to look up a J Number, depending on your report access in Banner.

1. The "FTMVEND" Search Function: Click the down arrow within FTMVEND or type "FTIIDEN" in banner's "Go To..." search function. Click the red "X" (Cancel Query) in the top middle and then the "Rollback" arrow in the top left. Deselect "Vendors" and Select "All". Click in the "Last Name" Field and type in the Last Name or Vendor Name. (Note: This search function is case sensitive. If you type %aram% for Aramark, it will not show the correct Vendor. You must capitalize the A: "%Aram%")

2. The "FOAIDEN" Search Function: Click the down arrow within FOAIDEN or type "GUIALTI" in banner's "Go To..." search function . Type what information you have into the appropriate field (line 1) and execute query (F8). If you are unsure of the spelling of a name, Type "%" before and after a portion of the word. Note: the less you type, the greater the chance that the correct J Number will appear on the list. (Example: If you are looking for the vendor Aramark, type "%aram%" and then hit F8)

▼   Q: How can I have an individual's name in Banner changed?

A: Name change requests must be in writing and include your student ID or social security number, your name PRIOR to the change, as well as your new name, date of birth, marital status (unmarried, married, widowed, separated), your signature, and a copy of one of the following court generated documents:

Marriage Certificate
Court Order/Divorce Decree
Social Security Card
Passport or Visa (Required by international students. Must be original)

You may also download a "Change of Name" form. The University reserves the right to request more than one form of documentation for verification purposes.

The requested documents should then be submitted to the Purchasing Department.

▼   Q: How do I create a requisition in Banner?

A: Please contact the USA Purchasing Department at (251) 460-6151 to obtain additional information regarding how to create a requisition in Banner.

▼   Q: I submitted a Purchase Requisition. Who still needs to approve it?

A: In Banner 9 Self Service/Financial Information/My Requisitions Dashboard, the current status of your requisition can be accessed by clicking the Information Button on the line that corresponds to your requisition. Here you will see a list of approval queues that have been satisfied as well as a list of approval queues that have not yet been satisfied.

▼   Q: Does my Purchase Requisition have a Purchase Order number yet?

A: In Banner 9 Self Service/Financial Information/My Requisitions Dashboard, all requisitions that are incomplete or have been disapproved will be listed under the Draft Requisitions section. All requisitions that have been completed but not yet fully approved will be listed under the Pending Requisitions section. All requisitions that have completed the approval cycle and have been converted to a purchase order will be listed under the Completed Requisitions and will list the corresponding purchase order number.

▼   Q: How can I see if an invoice has been paid?

A: To check the status of payment against a Purchase Order in Banner:

Type "FOIDOCH" in banner's "Go To..." search function. Type "PO" in the section for Document Type. Enter your Purchase Order Number as the Document Code. Click the "Next Block" Icon (or Ctrl + Page Down). A list of any invoice associated with the Purchase Order will be listed. A Status of "O" denotes an open/unpaid invoice. "P" denotes the invoice has been paid. Corresponding Check Numbers will be listed to the right. (Note: ACH payments have "!" in front of the check number)

▼   Q: Where/How can I purchase Office Furniture?

A: Due to the high volume of furniture purchases during each Fiscal Year, all furniture must be ordered through a State Contract or a Cooperative Purchasing Contract. All Banner requisitions for furniture must be made payable to the manufacturer and include the contract number, quote number, and dealer information.

Please reference: State Contracts - Cooperative Purchasing Contracts

*You may not order from other local stores (ex. Staples, Office Depot). Click Here for Details. This includes using personal funds and requesting reimbursement.

▼   Q: What do I need to have a vendor set up?

A: Individuals need to complete and return via email both a W-9 and an Authorization for Electronic Direct Deposit Form.

A: Domestic companies need to complete and return via email through the appropriate USA Department with whom you are engaging in business activities both a USA Vendor Registration Form and Electronic Direct Deposit Form. (Foreign companies should submit a W-8BEN, W-8ECI, or USA Vendor Registration Form)

All forms are available: here.

▼   Q: What is the current bid threshold?
A: The current bid threshold, as per the Alabama Competitive Bid Law, is $75,000 for non-Public Works projects. Any purchases in excess of $75,000 must be competitively bid unless a competitively bid contract has previously been established. The bid threshold for Public Works projects is $50,000.
▼   Q: How can I determine if a contract exists for the products I need?
A: A list of all currently active contracts can be viewed under the Approved Contracts menu tab on the Purchasing web page.
▼   Q: What are my options for renting a vehicle?

A: For vehicle renting options, click here.

A: For additional questions concerning vehicle rentals, check out our FAQ page for rentals.

A: No, splitting an order among two or more Limited Purchase Orders in lieu of issuing a Banner requisition is a violation of USA Business Office policies.