Award Announcements

Here you will find links to USA Office of Research and Economic Development internal funding award announcements, as well as other accolades. 

We have restructured our pages to provide more detailed information about current awardees and archives of past awardees.

Research and Scholarly Development

The Research and Scholarly Development Grant Program provides seed funding of up to $25,000 to help tenure and non-tenure track faculty build their research and scholarly programs. 

Arts and Humanities Seed Grant Program

The Seed Grant Program to Support the Arts and Humanities provides funding of up to $1500 to help support Arts and Humanities faculty research and scholarly activities. 

Faculty Development Council

The Faculty Development Council Grant Program provides funding of up to $5000 to help initiate and strengthen research programs and increase competitiveness for extramural grants for the faculty PI.

Faculty Productivity Grant Program

The Faculty Productivity Grant Program provides concentrated time for faculty to generate pilot or preliminary data that will enhance their competitiveness for a major grant or contract.

Legacy Programs: Graduate Student Activities Enhancement

The Graduate Student Activities Enhancement Program provided funding of up to $2000 to support graduate student travel and/or scientific, creative/artistic or scholarly activities. That program is now managed by The Graduate School.