Main Campus Exclusive Caterer



The University of South Alabama exclusive caterer on Main campus is Aramark catering.  You can contact them by phone at (251) 460-7948 or  Learn more about their catering services online.   

 USA Catering

Off Campus Catering

In rare circumstances, a waiver for off campus catering will be granted. Please complete this form for approval to use an off campus caterer or to provide homemade food (ex. bake sale goods) at your event.

The use of outside catering without this approval is strictly prohibited. 


Below are some examples of when a waiver is not needed:

  • Your product is 100% donated
  • You receive permission from Vice President of Student Affairs/Dean of Students, Dr. Mike Mitchell to use an external caterer
  • Your event is at an offsite venue
  • Your event is at the Mitchell Cancer Institute