Community Reservations


For external individual(s) or groups who would like to reserve space on the University of South Alabama campus, please note the following guidelines:

  • A formal USA sponsor must be designated before your reservation request can be confirmed.  Further information on sponsorship is listed below.
  • The Mitchell Center is a venue and does not fall under this policy.  Please see the Mitchell Center website for a full listing of their policies.
  • All events reserved by non-USA person(s) or groups held anywhere on University property must obtain general liability insurance, more information can be found on the Background Checks, Waivers and Insurance website.



A USA sponsor must agree to the below terms and conditions:

  1. They must be an active, recognized University of South Alabama student organization or a University of South Alabama academic or administrative department.
  2. One authorized representative is required to be present for any setup, event and tear down of the requested space.
  3. The sponsor agrees to be responsible for any unpaid costs or property damage associated with the event.  In the event a sponsor representative is unable to attend all of the functions of the event, the group's reservation will be canceled and they will no longer be allowed to use the space.  Ultimately, any unpaid costs and/or damages are the responsibility of the USA sponsor to obtain from the outside entity.  In the event of unpaid costs, future reservation requests from the Non-USA individual(s) or group will be denied.
  4. The University reserves the right to request additional information, approve or deny the reservation request at any time.  In addition to these overarching guidelines, individual buildings may have additional requirements.  To learn more about USA facilities, please reference our Venue Specific Requirements listing.  If you have a specific question about a facility that this menu does not address, please use the USA area administrators listing.  If you are unable to connect with one of our administrators in a timely fashion, contact the Office of Special events at for further assistance.


The complete policy can be viewed on page 161 in the Lowdown.