Christine Rinne

Christine Rinne

Associate Professor

Research Interests

  • Eighteenth- to Twentieth-Century German and Austrian Literature and Culture
  • Construction of Gender and Nuclear Family
  • Popular Literature
  • German Colonial Literature


  • B.A., Valparaiso University 1998
  • M.A., Indiana University 2000
  • Ph.D., Indiana Unversity 2005


Journal Articles

  •  Rinne, Christine. “Defining an Ideal: Maidservants in the Works of Sacher-Masoch and Freud.” Journal of Austrian Studies 47.1 (2014): 103-124.
  •  Rinne, Christine. “Synthesis, Gender, and Race in Alice Salomon’s Kultur im Werden.” Eds. Robert McFarland and Michelle James. Sophie Discovers America: German-Speaking Women Write the New World. Rochester, NY: Camden, 2014. 162-170.
  •  Rinne, Christine. “A Reconsideration of the Domestic in GDR Literature.” MIFLC Review 15 (2009-2011): 23-37.
  • Rinne, Christine. “Crafting Household Hierarchies.” Women in German Yearbook 24 (2008): 185-208.
  • Rinne, Christine. “Consuming the Maidservant.” Eds. Tamara Wagner and Narin Hassan. Consuming Culture in the Long Nineteenth Century. Narratives of Consumption 1700-1900. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2007. 63-80. 


All levels of German language, literature and culture classes.