Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literature

The programs offered by the Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literature in the College of Arts and Sciences are essential to South’s mission to enhance student understanding of other cultures and prepare graduates to thrive in a global society. Our interdisciplinary curriculum integrates language study with culture and area studies, literature, linguistics, history, as well as other disciplines, to prepare students to take their place as participants, leaders and innovators in an increasingly interconnected world. By equipping South graduates with proficiency in a second or a third language, we strive to broaden student horizons by escaping a narrow, monolingual view of the world. Competency in other languages is key to understanding other cultures and, in turn, makes possible a deeper understanding of one's own culture and language.


▼   Language Placement

The Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literature recommends that all students with prior language training (in high school or through other means) complete a placement test if they intend to continue studying a foreign language at the University of South Alabama. The purpose of testing is diagnostic: it assesses students' current language abilities in order to match them to the course most suitable for that level.

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▼   Language Honors Program

The Foreign Languages Departmental Honors Program offers motivated and focused undergraduate students the opportunity to develop research and communication skills in preparation for a graduate or professional career. Students successfully completing the departmental honors program will be awarded a certificate indicating that they have been awarded “ Honors in foreign Languages.”

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▼   Phi Sigma Iota

Phi Sigma Iota recognizes outstanding ability and high standards of students and faculty of foreign languages, literatures and cultures (including classics, linguistics, philology, comparative literature ESL, bilingual education, and second language acquisition). It is the highest academic honor in the field of foreign languages. Phi Sigma Iota has initiated over 50,000 members since its foundation in 1917, and it has created and supports numerous scholarship programs.

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▼   Language Resource Center

Want a conversation partner? Want to hone your writing skills in your target language? Want to hang out with kindred spirits interested in learning more about the world, its people, its languages and its cultures, just like you are? Come on over to the Language Resource Center. At the LRC you will find friendship, motivation, conversation, laughter and exploration with like-minded enthusiasts of all things related to world languages and cultures.

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