Modern & Classical Languages & Literature: Majors

The department offers a major in Foreign Languages and Literature with concentrations in French, German, Russian, and Spanish.  All majors complete a 15 credit common core program, 9 credits in a study-abroad program relevant to their respective concentration and 24 credit hours in their area of concentration. 




▼   Requirements for the Foreign Languages Major
  • 2.0 GPA or better
  • At least 120 total credit hours*
  • 30 hours of upper-division coursework at USA.
  • 15 hours of core Foreign Languages courses common to all MCLL majors at USA
  • 24 hours of courses in the language of concentration (French, German, Russian, or Spanish)
  • 9 hours of 300+ electives taken at a host institution in a country corresponding to the language of concentration.
  • Minor field
    • other than Foreign Languages (21 credit hours) OR
    • taking another language concentration (24 credit hours). 

* NOTE: Even if all other requirements are met, you might need additional hours. You must have 120 to graduate.

A complete listing of requirements and course descriptions for all classes can also be found in the University Bulletin. You may consult the schedule of courses for the current or upcoming semesters. 

The Department of Modern and Classical Languages offers scholarships and awards to eligible majors. Qualified majors will receive aid to help them fulfill this requirement (see Scholarships).