MS in Marine Conservation and Resource Management

     In an effort to expand the education mission of the Department of Marine Sciences, the Department has added a unique and timely graduate program, the Master of Science (MS) in Marine Conservation and Resource Management.  The program does not rely on the completion of original thesis research but instead couples rigorous coursework with the development of interdisciplinary skills and techniques to address pressing environmental problems through the completion of individual and group projects that demonstrate professional skills development.


Recommended Schedule

  Fall Semester Year 1     Spring Semester Year 1  
GIS 501 Research Integrity Seminar (1 cr)        MAS 520 Marine Resource Management (3 cr)
MAS 521 Marine Conservation (3 cr)       MAS 592 Marine Sciences Seminar (1 cr)
MAS 510 Essentials of Oceanography   (3 cr)        Non-MAS  Graduate Level Elective† (3-4 cr)
  Fall Semester Year 2      Spring Semester Year 2  
MAS Elective† (3-4 cr)       MAS 590 Directed Studies Part II (Project completion) (2 cr)
MAS 590 Directed Studies Part I  (2 cr)         MAS 586 Marine Restoration Ecology (3 cr)
ST 540 Stats in Research I (3 cr)       ST 5XX  Stats elective†  (3 cr)

† Elective of to be determined by students (see list below)


MAS courses that may be used as electives                                                                                                  Credit Hours

MAS 551  Quantitative Methods in Fisheries in Ecology (3 cr)
MAS 555  Fisheries Oceanography (2 cr)
MAS 581  Advanced Marine Ecology  (2 cr)
MAS 583  Field Marine Sciences (2 cr)
MAS 584  Oceanographic Experiences (1-3 cr)
MAS 601  Physical Oceanography  (3 cr)
MAS 602  Chemical Oceanography  (4 cr)
MAS 603  Geological Oceanography  (4 cr)
MAS 604  Biological Oceanography                                           (4 cr)

  Non-MAS Electives                                                                                                                                           Credit Hours

CH 514   Environmental Chemistry  (4 cr)  
CE 579   Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering (3 cr)
PHA 643 Molecular and Cellular Toxicology (3 cr)
SY 567   Environmental Sociology (3 cr)

 Statistics Electives                                                                                                                                            Credit Hours

ST 550   Environmental Statistics                  (3 cr)
ST 560   Design of Experiments (3 cr)

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