Marine Science Graduate Programs

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The Programs

The University of South Alabama offers MS and Ph.D. degrees in marine sciences with specializations in biological, chemical, physical and geological oceanography as well as marine fisheries and ecology. The program is designed to provide a formal course of training and advanced research in the marine sciences that produces significant contributions to oceanography and marine ecology.


▼   MS in Marine Conservation & Resource Management

The MS in Marine Conservation and Resource Management is designed to provide a formal course of training and professional development in the marine sciences that will enable students to contribute to the sustainable management of marine resources.

The program does not require thesis research, but instead offers professional development through group projects and professional internships with government agencies, NGOs, and environmental consulting firms. The curriculum and other requirements can accommodate students currently in the workforce.

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▼   MS in Marine Sciences

Recognizing the importance of marine and coastal environments to the socioeconomic welfare of Alabama, the University of South Alabama developed a graduate program in the marine sciences that is both applied and theoretical. The faculty of the department is committed to training the next generation of marine scientists, pursuing excellence in research, and assisting in the sustainable management of marine resources through service.

  Prospectus Completion Coursework Completion  Written Exam Completion  Degree Completion
Suggestion (1.5 yrs max) (2 yrs max) (not relevant) (3 yrs max)


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▼   Ph.D. in Marine Sciences

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Program in marine sciences is designed to provide formal course work and advanced research in marine sciences that produces significant, original contributions to knowledge. The Ph.D. degree is awarded to students who have reached and formally demonstrated a level of competence and accomplishment that enables them to pursue careers as marine science professionals. The Ph.D. degree confers eligibility for many positions in academia, industry, and government.      

  Prospectus Completion Coursework Completion Written Exam Completion Oral Exam Completion  Degree Completion
Suggestion  (2.5 yrs max) (3.5 yrs max) (4 yrs max) (4 yrs max) (5yrs max)
w/ MS (2.5 yrs max) (3 yrs max) (3 yrs max) (3 yrs max) (5 yrs max)
w/o MS (3 yrs max) (3.5 yrs max) (4 yrs max) (4 yrs max) (6 yrs max)


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