Dr. Jahson Alemu I

Dr. Jahson Alemu I

Research Assistant Professor
Marine and Environmental Sciences


  • Ph.D. (2012-2018) - University of the West Indies (T&T)
  • M.Sc. (2007-2008) - Bangor University (UK) McGill University
  • B.Sc. (2002-2005) - University of the West Indies (T&T)

Emphasis: Coastal Sustainability; Ecosystem Services; Social-Ecological Systems; Trade-off decisions; Spatial Ecology; Blue Carbon

Research Summary

Dr. Alemu I's work focuses on challenging the paradigm that pits people against nature, by building a case for environmental protection and restoration as important to improve economic and social welling being of people. His work is thus by nature interdisciplinary and involves collaborators from disparate disciplines. In particular he focuses on coastal ecosystems and cities, and works with coastal scientists, conservation practitioners and decision-makers to better understand the flow of coastal ecosystem services to society by quantifying ecological functions, societal needs and their linkages, under scenarios that considers restoration, urbanization, equity and climate change. His current research evaluates policy levers for mitigating sea-level rise impacts on emissions for urban marshes, enhancing ecosystem and community resilience through restoration, and understanding the impacts of mangrove expansion on ecological and human communities in the Gulf of Mexico.

Selected Publications