Dr. Steven Scyphers

Dr. Steven Scyphers

Associate Professor
Director, Center for Socio-Environmental Resiliency


  • PhD 2012, University of South Alabama

Current Funded Projects

  • Collaborative Modeling the Benefits,Consequences, and Trade-offs of Mangroves and Seawalls for Coastal Communities (NOAA Adaptation Sciences)
  • Integrating the Functional Importance of Biodiversity in Management of US Marine Ecosystems (Lenfest Ocean Program)
  • Extending our Reach: a Multi-State Collaborative Approach to Reef Fisheries Extension (Sea Grant)
  • Greater Amberjack Abundance, Distribution, and Movement in U.S. Waters in the South Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico (Sea Grant)
  • Building Capacity and Partnerships to Plan and Implement Coastal
    Resilience in the Florida Panhandle (NFWF Coastal Resilience)
  • Evaluation of fishery-specific adaptive capacity to industry-perceived risks (North Pacific Research Board)


  • Scyphers SB, MW Beck, KL Furman, J Haner, A Keeler, C Landry, KL O’Donnell, BM Webb, JH Grabowski. (2020) Designing effective incentives for living shorelines as a habitat conservation strategy along residential coasts. Conservation Letters 13(5), e12744.
  • Scyphers SB, JS Picou, SP Powers. (2015) Participatory management of coastal habitats: the importance of understanding homeowner decision making to mitigate cascading habitat degradation. Conservation Letters 8(1), 41-49.
  • Furman K†, P Aminpour, SA Gray, SB Scyphers. (2021) Mental models for assessing social-ecological systems following disasters: a case study contextualizing natural and built shorelines after Hurricane Irma. Marine Policy.
  • Scyphers SB, JS Picou, JH Grabowski. (2019) Chronic social disruption following a systemic fishery failure. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116(46): 22912–22914.
  • Scyphers SB, SP Powers, JL Akins, JM Drymon, CW Martin, RH McMichael, ZH Schobernd, P Schofield, RL Shipp, T Switzer. (2014) The role of citizens in detecting and responding to a rapid marine invasion. Conservation Letters 8(4): 242-250.
  • Scyphers SB, JM Drymon, KL Furman†, E Conley, Y Niwa, A Jefferson, GW Stunz. (2021) Understanding and enhancing angler satisfaction with fisheries management: insights from the “Great Red Snapper Count”. North American Journal of Fisheries Management.
  • Aminpour P, SA Gray, A Singer, SB Scyphers, AJ Jetter, R Jordan, R Murphy, JH Grabowski. (2021) The diversity bonus in pooling local knowledge about complex problems. Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences.

Current Graduate Students

  • Sarah Gibbs - PhD Student
  • Savannah Swinea - PhD Candidate (Northeastern U)
  • Evan Prasky - PhD Student (Northeastern U)
  • Emerson Woodhall - PhD Student
  • Sarah Limer - MS Student & Research Technologist II
  • Hailey Smith - Research Technologist II


  • Environment and Society
  • Marine Resource Management