Undergraduate Minor in Marine Science

In addition to its graduate program, the Stokes School of Marine & Environmental Sciences offers an undergraduate minor in marine sciences. The marine sciences minor is designed to provide students the basic academic knowledge and field experience to apply the skills they learn in their major field to questions in marine sciences. The minor is open to any USA majors, although students not majoring in other science disciplines will likely need additional preparation or prerequisite courses. 
The undergraduate program is administered from the main campus in Mobile where introductory and core classes for undergraduates will be offered. Most faculty are in residence at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab, located about 35 miles south of Mobile. Within a short distance of these locations are diverse habitats, including the Mobile Delta, Mobile Bay and Mississippi Sound, numerous barrier islands, and open Gulf habitats. 

Program Summary 

The Marine Sciences undergraduate curriculum is designed to complement the strong disciplinary training of USA basic science, engineering and socio-economic majors by providing a broad interdisciplinary perspective with an environmental focus. 

Requirements for a Minor in Marine Sciences include a minimum of 18 hours in Marine Sciences related classes. The student must take Ocean Science (MAS 134), Marine Science I (MAS 331) and Marine Science II (MAS 332). In addition to these core requirements, students must take 2-3 electives courses (MAS 371, MAS 367, MAS 430, MAS 451, MAS 471, MAS 475 or other electives approved by the Chair).


 Course of Study

A. Freshmen/Sophomore level                      Credit Hours
MAS 134   Ocean Science                                      (3 cr)
MAS 134L  Ocean Science   (1 cr)
B. Junior/Senior level Credit Hours 
MAS 331   Marine Sciences I  (3 cr)
MAS 332   Marine Science II  (3 cr)

Two-three MAS listed electives at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab (listed below). 

  Marine Sciences Minor Requirements 

A.  Required Courses (10 credits)   Credit Hours
MAS 134   Ocean Science  (3 cr) 
MAS 134L Ocean Science Lab   (1 cr)
MAS 331   Marine Science I   (3 cr) 
MAS 332  Marine Science II   (3 cr) 
B. Electives (choose 2 -3 courses, 8 credits needed) 
MAS 371 Shark and Ray Biology   
MAS 367 Marine Biology 
MAS 430 Marine Botany 
MAS 451 Marine Vertebrate Zoology 
MAS 471 Marine Invertebrate Zoology 
MAS 475 Marine Ecology 

Other DISL offered courses will be considered for elective credit.

 *Requirements subject to change as requirements are pending final University approval*


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