Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work Faculty and Staff

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Chairperson: Dr. Roma Stovall Hanks
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Secretary V: Sunnilee Chafin
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Amber Turner

Secretary IV: Amber Turner
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Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work
University of South Alabama
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Dr. Valerie L.  Bryan,

Dr. Valerie L.  Bryan
Associate Professor of Social Work

Research:  Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice, Poverty

Curriculum Vitae

(251) 414-8041

Office: HUMB 4

Dr. Nicole T. Carr

Dr. Nicole Carr
Professor of Sociology and Associate Vice President, Student Academic Success

Research:  Gender, Crime and Delinquency, Social Inequality

Curriculum Vitae

(251) 460-6475 

Office: ASC1324

Phil Carr

Dr. Philip J. Carr
Professor of Anthropology and Director, Archaeology Museum

Research: Archaeological Method and Theory, Southeastern Native Americans, Cultural Resource Management, Museums

Curriculum Vitae

(251) 461-1948 

Office: HUMB13

Lesley A. Gregoricka

Dr. Lesley A. Gregoricka
Professor of Anthropology

Research: Bioarcheology, Stable Isotope Analysis, Residential Mobility, Paleodiet, Mortuary Archaeology, Social Organization, Identity, Near East, Arabia.

Curriculum Vitae

(251) 460-6901 

Office: HUMB22

Laurie Haas

Ms. Laurie F. Haas
Instructor of Social Work and Field Coordinator of Social Work

Research:  Gerontology Aging Issues, Interprofessional Student Education

Curriculum Vitae 

(251) 460-6906 

Office: HUMB14

Dept. Chair

Dr. Roma S. Hanks
Professor of Sociology; Chair, Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work; Director, USA Programs in Gerontology and the Center for Generational Studies

Research:  Intergenerational Relationships; Lifecourse Transitions; Social Support; Health Disparities

Brief Biography

Curriculum Vitae

(251) 460-6020 

Office: HUMB36

Kenneth Hudson

Dr. C. Kenneth Hudson
Professor of Sociology and Social Work
Interim BSW Program Director

Research:  Poverty, Social Stratification, Labor Markets

Curriculum Vitae

(251) 460-6342 

Office: HUMB30

Douglas Marshall

Dr. Douglas A. Marshall
Professor of Sociology and Assistant Director, USA Honors College

Research: Sociology of Religion, Sociology of Rationality

Curriculum Vitae

(251) 460-7077 

Office:  HUMB6

Hosik Min

Dr. Hosik Min
Associate Professor of Sociology and Gerontology and Associate Director, the Gerontology Program

Research: Health Disparities, Population Aging, and Mortality and Morbidity

Curriculum Vitae

(251) 460-7677 


Dr. Mark A. Moberg

Dr. Mark A. Moberg
Professor of Anthropology

Research:  Political Economy, Neo-liberalism, Fair Trade, Agriculture, Caribbean and Central America

Curriculum Vitae

(251) 460-6912 

Office: HUMB12

Dr. Leonard A. Mundy

Dr. Leonard A. Mundy
Assistant Professor of Sociology

Research: Gender & Sexuality 

Curriculum Vitae

(251) 460-7079 

Office: HUMB8

Dr. Erin Nelson

Dr. Erin Nelson
Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Research: North American Archaeology, Native American Cultures of the Southeastern United States, Landscape Archaeology, Community and Identity, Ancient Foodways

Curriculum Vitae

(251) 460-6187 

Office: HUMB19

Kimberly Pettway

Ms. Kimberly W. Pettway
Instructor of Social Work and Director, Center for Academic Service-Learning and Civic Engagement

Research: Black Family Structure, the Perpetuation of Privilege and Inferiority in Human Services, HIV/AIDS transmission among heterosexual couples

Curriculum Vitae

(251) 460-6908 

Office: HUMB20

Emeritus Faculty

Dr. W. David Gartman
Professor of Sociology

Dr. David Johnson
Dr. G. David Johnson
Professor of Sociology


Dr. Gregory A. Waselkov
Professor of Anthropology

Curriculum Vitae