Academic Advising

Student can refer to the following menus to find more information on Academic Advising. If you have any questions, please email Gracie Overstreet at, or call at (251) 461-1794.

To declare your major/minor or request a change of your major/minor, please contact your current major department (or AATS for students with undeclared majors) to fill out a Change of Program form. 


▼   College of Arts & Sciences Advising (Students with <30 Credit Hours)
College of Arts & Sciences Students with 0-30 Credit Hours:

Social Work students who have NOT been accepted into the major are advised in Academic Advising & Transfer Services until they are accepted. More information on this can be found in the Social Work menu below.

▼   Sociology (BA)

Sociology Majors

To request more information on the Sociology major, please contact Dr. Hosik Min, Sociology Program Coordinator, at or (251) 460-7677.

▼   Anthropology (BA)

Anthropology Majors

To request more information on the Anthropology major, please contact Dr. Philip Carr, Anthropology Program Coordinator, at or (251) 461-1948.

▼   Social Work (Pre-Professional and BSW)

Social Work Pre-Professional Students:

Social Work Majors (BSW)

To request information on the Social Work Major, please contact Dr. Nancy Kelley, Social Work Program Director, at or (251) 460-7073.

▼   Gerontology Certificate

For information on Undergraduate and Graduate Gerontology Certificates, please contact Dr. Roma Hanks, Director, USA Programs in Gerontology, at rhanks@southalamama or (251) 460-6020.