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"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." - Helen Keller


The Nonprofit Management Program is ideal for individuals who are new to the nonprofit sector; including staff, volunteers and board members. Students can enroll in topics of interest or may choose to take all of the classes offered. Currently all of our courses offerings are offered online. Please look to the online tab for examples of classes. 

▼   Boards and Governance
Nonprofit organizations are required by the IRS to have a governing Board of Directors. Members of governing boards have certain legally required responsibilities. Nonprofit managers can help their Board members to fulfill these responsibilities and be more effective. This course provides information and training in how to develop an effective board of directors; what the board's primary responsibilities are; and how to utilize the board as a strategic management tool.
▼   Effective Financial Management
Why are some nonprofit organizations successful while others are not and some remain strong and viable for many years? Often the difference lies in the successful leadership and management. This introductory class will provide those working for or with nonprofits an overview of the management tools that are necessary for effective management. Additionally, you will gain a deeper awareness of the importance of positioning your nonprofit in today's marketplace to increase long-term success.
▼   Evaluating Nonprofit Organizations

Evaluation is an essential tool for effective organizational management in nonprofit organizations and in for profit businesses. Outcome evaluation is increasingly required by nonprofit funders as verification that the nonprofits are having an impact on their clients. More importantly, evaluation reports are one of the best management tools for a nonprofit organization. This course will provide an overview of the purpose of program evaluation and the basic steps in evaluation, as well as how to use evaluation results to cultivate funding relationships; secure funding; and manage the organization as effectively as possible.


▼   Grant Writing: The Step-by-Step Process

Grant Writing is a skill that nonprofit professionals can use to benefit any organization in which they work. The eight week course provides not only educational information regarding the process, but the opportunity to work with a grant writing professional with over 35 years of experience in developing a complete grant proposal.

▼   Marketing for Nonprofits
Marketing is an unfamiliar concept for many nonprofit organizations, but an essential component of effective organizational management. Marketing utilizes strategies designed to increase awareness of the organization and its services; draw constituents such as funding services, new board members, volunteers, staff, and clients to the organization; and get the message of the organization's effectiveness to the community. In this course, students will learn a variety of marketing strategies, both traditional and social media, learn to identify target markets and competitors, as well as how to develop a marketing plan
▼   Organizational Development
Organization development is the process through which an organization develops the internal structure and capacity to most efficiently and effectively fulfill its mission and remain strong and viable into the future. This course will provide an introduction into the basic concepts and need for a strong organizational structure, including mission, vision, and planning. 
▼   Resource Development
The Resource Development class provides students with an intensive overview of the elements of an effective fundraising or resource development program. The course will cover such topics as the importance of developing a case for support, methods for generating hard/earned revenue; annual campaigns, capital campaigns, special events, grants, and planned giving, as well as providing some other creative fundraising techniques. Participants will leave this class with basic knowledge of a diversity of fundraising methods and how to target prospective donors.
▼   Strategic Organizational Management
This course provides an intensive overview of several important activities necessary for effective management of non profit organizations. Topics covered in this class include human resource management; strategic planning; volunteer management; strategic leadership; and organizational policies & procedures.

Nonprofit Management Certificate

Learn all about nonprofit management from the convenience of your home through this robust online program. Examine the fundamental principles of nonprofit management, explore the roles and responsibilities of a nonprofit board of directors and the management team, discover the essential aspects of fundraising, and become acquainted with the budgeting process.

Nonprofit Suite

Develop the skills and strategies you need to become an integral part of one of America's fastest growing service sectors. In this course, a twelve-year veteran in the nonprofit management field will show you how to transform your good intentions into a professional plan of action. You'll understand the unique characteristics of nonprofit organizations while mastering the core knowledge necessary to become an effective leader in the nonprofit arena. This bundle includes three training topics: Introduction to Nonprofit Management; Marketing Your Nonprofit; Nonprofit Fundraising Essentials. 

Nonprofit Management and Grant Writing Suite

Develop the skills and strategies you need to become an integral part of one of America's fastest growing service sectors. Further the ideals and goals of your nonprofit by learning to compete more effectively for members, media attention, donors, clients, and volunteers. Learn to prepare grant proposals that get solid results for your favorite organization or charity. This training package includes four topics: Introduction to Nonprofit Management; Marketing Your Nonprofit; Writing Effective Grant Proposals; Advanced Grant Proposal Writing.