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Summer 2020   


ONLINE HY 101 Western Civilization I 

ONLINE HY 102 Western Civilization II

ONLINE HY 104 Asian Civilization II

ONLINE HY 135 US History to 1877

ONLINE HY 136 US History since 1877 

ONLINE HY 310 American Environmental History (Writing Intensive) 

ONLINE HY 477/577 Old South

History Courses Fall 2020 
HY 101  History of Western Civilization I
HY 102  History of Western Civilization II
HY 103  History of Asian Civilization I
HY 135  US History to 1877
HY 136  US History since 1877
HY 338  History of Russia 
HY 347  The Holocaust 
HY 356 European Civilization, 1815-1918 (Writing Intensive) 
HY 366 Traditional China   
HY 377 The African-American Experience  

HY 390  Special Topics -- The Border: US Intervention and Latin American immigration

HY 390 Special Topics -- Divided We Stand: The United States since 1974

HY 390 Special Topics -- The Body, Medicine and Society in Europe 

HY 431 Studies in US History -- American Foreign Relations 

HY 442 Research Seminar -- Modern Europe     
HY 465 Studies in Islamic Civilization -- Myth, Magic and Miracle in Islam  

HY 478 The New South (Blended class)   

HY 496 Introduction to Public History 
HY 530 US Historiography 
HY 531 Studies in US History -- American Foreign Relations 
HY 536 Modern US History I, 1877-1945 
HY 578 The New South (Blended class) 
HY 593 Exam and Thesis Introduction (1 credit hour)  
HY 596 Introduction to Public History