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History Courses - Spring Semester 2023
HY 101 Western Civilization I (Multiple sections, Blended) 
HY 102 Western Civilization II (Multiple sections, F2F, Blended and Online) 
HY 103 Asian Civilization I (F2F) 
HY 121 World Civilizations I (F2F)
HY 135 U.S. History to 1877 (Multiple sections, F2F, Blended, Online)  
HY 136 U.S. History since 1877 (Multiple sections, F2F, Blended, Online) 
HY 228 Latin America
HY 312 America in the 1960s
HY 336 Central European History 
H 337 History of Eastern Europe (F2F, Baldwin County Campus) 
HY  346 The Second World War 
HY 362 History of Africa sine 1500
HY 365 Islamic Civilization from 1453 (Writing Intensive)
HY 367 Modern China 
HY 390 Special Topics -- Disease and Power in the Americas
HY 401/501 Colloquium in History: Civil Rights Movement and the World
HY 432/532 Colonial America 
HY 435/535 Civil War and Reconstruction 
HY 436 /536 Modern US History, 1877-1945
HY 442 Research Seminar , Europe--Trials in History 
HY 457/557 Studies in European History -- African Diaspora in Europe 
HY 461/561 Studies in Asian History- History of Taiwan 
HY 555 History of Travel and Tourism 

Teaching Modes

F2F = Face-to-Face

Web Blended: online + 16% to 84% face-to-face

Web Online: at least 85% online and, generally, with no scheduled class times.