Rebecca Williams

Rebecca Williams


B.S., Northern Michigan University
M.A., University of West Florida
Ph.D., McGill University




Ibn Kathīr and the Transformation of the Islamic Intellectual Tradition (manuscript in preparation).

Muḥammad and the Supernatural: Medieval Arab Views. London and New York:  Routledge, 2013. Paperback edition, 2015.

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HY 101  History of Western Civilization I

HY 364  History of Islamic Civilization to 1453

HY 365  History of Islamic Civilization from 1453

HY 465/565  Orientalism

HY 465/565  Myth, Magic, and Miracle in Early Islam

HY 465/565  The Crusades from the Other Side

HY465/HY565 Gender and Sexuality in Islam

HY 564  Classical and Medieval Islamic History

GS 490  Women in Islam