Alternative Masters in Education

A group of students in foreign language classroom.
"In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn." 

The Department of Modern and Classical Languages offers graduate-level course work at the 500 level in French, German and Spanish as part of the Alternative Masters in Education (Alt. M.Ed.) offered by the Department of Leadership and Teacher Education of the College of Education and Professional Studies. Students may enroll for this program  with a specialization in either French, German or Spanish.

The Alternative Master of Education (Alt. M.Ed.) is a 42-hour program that prepares those individuals who do not have a prior background or teaching certificate in education, but hold a bachelor's degree or its equivalent in French, gErman or Spanish. As part of this program, students will take 15 credit hours of graduate coursework in the language of specialization at the Department of Foreign Languages. For information about graduate courses pertaining to each language, please contact the head of the appropriate language section in the Department of Foreign Languages.

Upon completion of the program, students are eligible for the Class A, 6-12 Certificate for the language of their specialization. Below are the respective academic plan and list of courses that graduate students are required to complete for each of the three language specializations. 



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