Nick Gossett
Office Hours

Summer 2018 - By appointment only.
Ph: (251) 461-1459
Nick Gossett
Assistant Professor

Current Research Projects

A collaboration with Historian, Dr. Mara Kozelsky, and Russian language specialist, Ekaterina Zakharova, the CWTP makes the Russian experience of the Crimean War accessible to Anglophone students and scholars by translating key documents of the Crimean War from Russian into English.

Research Interests

  • Russian Language
  • Russian History
  • Russian Culture
  • Slavic Linguistics
  • Translation Studies
  • Soviet/Russian Youth
  • Color Revolutions
  • Language Assessment: Formative and Summative
  • Applied Linguistics 



Ph.D. The University of Texas, Austin, 2013

Applied Linguistics/Pedagogy

M.A. University of Texas, Austin, 2008

Russian, Eastern European, and Eurasian Studies

B.A. University of South Alabama, 2006

History, Russian History and Language 




  • Introductory Russian (online and in-class)
  • Accelerated Introductory Russian
  • Intermediate Russian 
  • Intensive Second Year Russian
  • Intensive Third Year Russian
  • Russian Prose
  • Advanced Russian Composition
  • Advanced Russian Conversation
  • Practical Application of Russian
  • Russian Grammar in Use
  • Golden Age of Russian Literature
  • Introduction to Russia
  • Putin's Russia
  • The Power of the Powerless: Political Movements in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
  • Global Issues
  • World Languages
  • Introduction to Linguistics
  • Applied Linguistics