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May 28 T0 July 9 2022

Credit Hours

9 CR. HRS. (Three Courses)

Program Director


Program Description

The University of South Alabama summer session in Buenos Aires, Argentina will be held in collaboration with Expanish Study Abroad. This program offers 9 semester credit hours. 

Program Location

Buenos Aires, Argentina  


Applicants must  have an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher. There are no prerequisites involved for the program and students who need two semesters of Introductory Spanish will complete this requirement while abroad. 


Students will choose three of the following courses for a total of nine credit hours:
**LG 290:  Special Topics: Argentine Culture and Spanish Language in Buenos Aires 
LG131 (3 hours) - Introductory Spanish I
LG132 (3 hours) - Introductory Spanish II
LG231 (3 hours) - Intermediate Spanish I
LG232, (3 hours) - Intermediate Spanish II
LG390 (3 hours) - Special Topics
LG490 (3 hours) - Special Topics

**All students will take LG 290. 


The program includes homestay with a host family in a single occupancy room and two meals--breakfast, and dinner--per day.

Cost and Payment Schedule


Application Deadline


Travel Arrangements

Students must make travel arrangements to and from Buenos Aires independently. The program fee DOES NOT include group flight arrangements; 

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