Spanish Career Opportunities

Two students sitting on rail in front of mountain,


The four skills in Spanish (listening, speaking, reading and writing), plus cultural knowledge, are a job boost (and often a pay boost) for any career. In business, law, medicine or the sciences, social work, ministry and communications, competent abilities in a second language lead to the best jobs and the best promotions, while increasing skills in, and awareness of, one's native tongue. The Department of Modern and Classical Languages works closely with the University of South Alabama's College of Education and Professional Studies in preparing the foreign language educators of tomorrow. Although primary and secondary education teaching is a popular field for Spanish, it is by no means the only link. Other students opt to pursue graduate study in Spanish, leading to an M.A., M.A.T. or Ph.D. in literature, linguistics, pedagogy, Latin American studies or European studies. Previous and current students have been accepted into graduate programs at The Pennsylvania State University, Vanderbilt University, Bowling Green University, Duke, Texas A & M, The University of Florida (Tallahassee), Arizona and New Mexico, among other schools. Some successful Spanish majors and minors from USA have pursued connections with local businesses, the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce, and local law enforcement agencies. Students of Spanish can also explore possibilities in translation, editing, communications, government, international relations and human resources. The Spanish section is proud of its successful alumni, a great many of whom are now high school teachers and university professors.