About the Lab

Student with Dr. Zlomke standing in front of a fireplace smiling.


The Healthy Youth & Families Lab is a clinical research lab organized through the University of South Alabama Department of Psychology and the the Psychological Clinic!

The main goals of the HYF lab are:

  1. Provide quality clinical services to the children and families of Mobile, AL and the surrounding areas
  2. Conduct high quality and socially important research on the stressors youth and families face and the factors which help individuals adapt to these stressors.
  3. Provide education and outreach to the Mobile, AL community.

The lab is overseen by Dr. Kim Zlomke and staffed by hardworking graduate and undergraduate students.

The Healthy Youth & Families Lab is committed to promoting family health through furthering our understanding of the role of stress and behavior in youth and families. A particular interest of the lab is the effect of these variables on families dealing with chronic illness (autism, cancer, sickle cell). The Healthy Youth & Families lab also offers clinical services and outreach to the Mobile community through collaborations with USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital, local schools, and other organizations.

***If you are a prospective graduate student and would like to learn more about the lab please visit the Prospective Students page***