Assessments and Evaluation Services

The USA Psychological Clinic offers many services including:

  • Developmental Disability Evaluations: A developmental disability, such as autism, is a life long disability which affects daily functioning in multiple areas of a child’s life. The USA Clinic conducts comprehensive evaluations for autism and other developmental disabilities, which may cover the areas of provide cognitive, academic, adaptive, and social functioning.
    • Autism Diagnostic Clinic: Clinicians use the (ADOS-2) Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule for assessments. All assessments for Autism Spectrum Disorders are conducted on-site at the USA Psychological Clinic. To apply for an assessment, go to and fill out the appropriate application!
      Intake - $50
      Assessment - $500
  • Learning Disability Evaluations: A learning disability affects a broad range of academic and functioning skills.
  • Gifted & Talented Evaluations: Gifted & Talented children have abilities, talents, and potential for accomplishments to an extent that they require special provisions to meet their needs.
  • ADHD Evaluations: ADHD is a condition where children have significant difficulties with attention and behavioral control.
  • Psychological Evaluations: Comprehensive psychological evaluations can help pinpoint social and/or emotional difficulties in children
  • School or Family Observations: Observations are typically utilized to support other evaluations to ensure that results obtained in the clinic setting are reflective of the child’s real-life difficulties

For more information, about the clinic please visit our website.