Mom holding daughter smiling.

PC-CARE: A Brief Intervention for Caregivers and Children Together

Looking for Parenting Support? 

Raising kids can be tough and you are not alone!

What is PC-CARE?

PC-CARE is a 6-week intervention for parents/guardians and children together.  PC-CARE is designed to improve the quality of the caregiver-child relationship and to teach caregivers skills to help them manage their children’s difficult behaviors. In PC-CARE, therapists teach and coach caregivers to increase their positive caregiving skills and to find the behavior management strategies that are most effective for their family. 

Who is PC-CARE for? 

  • Caregivers who:
    • Are interested in improving their relationship with their child and in learning new caregiving skills 
    • Have had their child in their custody for a long or relatively short time (e.g. foster, adoptive, relative, reunited parent) 
    • Are willing to spend five minutes in play with their child daily
  • Children who:
    • Are between the ages of about 2 and 10 years 
    • May be disruptive, defiant, and/or aggressive at home and/or school o May have experienced a traumatic event that is impacting behaviors and/or relationships o May be adjusting to a new home (e.g., foster, reunification) or situation (e.g., parental separation, new sibling)

Goals of PC-CARE:

Caregivers and children will learn new ways to communicate, self-regulate their emotions, and manage difficult behaviors. 

How do I get PC-CARE?

Apply online at www.southalabama.edu/psychologyclinic.