Generations Faculty Fellows

Center for Generational Studies - Generations Faculty Fellow 
Dept. Chair                                    Dr. Roma S. Hanks

Professor of Sociology; Chair, Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work; Director, USA Programs in Gerontology and Center for Generational Studies, University of South Alabama 

Research:  Intergenerational Relationships; Lifecourse Transitions; Social Support; Health Disparities

 Brief Biography 

(251) 460-6020

Office: HUMB36

Dr. Candice Bright                                   Dr. Candace Forbes Bright

Assistant Research Professor, East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN

Research:  Social network analysis, disaster social risk and protective factors, racialized geographies, community-academic relations, social support and public health

Curriculum Vitae

(423) 439-4926

223 Rogers-Stout Hall
PO Box 70644
Johnson City, TN 36714-1702

 Dr. Benjamin Hill  Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of South Alabama

Dr. Benjamin Hill
Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of South Alabama 

Research: Clinical Neuropsychology, Fluid Cognition, Cognitive Disorders, Concussion/mTBI and TBI, Symptom Validity Measurement, Cognitive Intra-Individual Variability, Cognitive Effects of Meta-Inflammation 

Curriculum Vitae


(251) 460-7081

Office: UCOM 1032

 Dr. Lyn Holley

Dr. Lyn Holley
Professor of Gerontology, University of Nebraska Omaha

Research: Public programs and services in re aging, Intergenerational Relationships and Ageism, Lifespan resilience, Aging in re Ethnicity, Long-term Care staffing policies and programs

Curriculum Vitae 

(402) 554-4814

Department of Gerontology, Public Affairs and Community Service
University of Nebraska Omaha

Dr. Andrea Hunt

Dr. Andrea Hunt 
Assistant Professor of Sociology and Family Studies, University of North Alabama

Research: Caregiving/Aging, Life Course, Disability, Social Class/Race and Ethnicity/Gender, Work and Family, Child and Adolescent Outcomes, and Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Curriculum Vitae 

(256) 765-5137

Department of Sociology and Family Studies Office
University of North Alabama

UNA Box 5010 

Florence, AL 35632-0001

Dr. Urvashi Jain

Dr. Urvashi Jain
Assistant Professor of Economics, Finance, & Real Estate

Dr. Urvashi Jain's Curriculum Vitae 

(256) 460-6115

Officer: MCOB 324

Dr. Kern Jackson

Dr. Kern Jackson 
Director, African-American Studies Program, University of South Alabama

Research: African-American Studies, Folklore, Personal Narrative, Slave Narrative, Folktale, Southern American Folklore, Gulf Coast Carnival/Mardi Gras, Oral History, World Literature, Composition.

Curriculum Vitae 

(251) 460-6146

Office: HUMB 276

Dr. Joshuar Keller

Dr. Joshua Keller
Assistant Professor of Health, Kinesiology, and Sport

Dr. Keller's Curriculum Vitae 

(251) 460-1616

Office: HKS 1008

Denise Lewis

Dr. Denise Clark Lewis
Associate Professor of Gerontology, University of Georgia

Research: Culture and aging; family exchanges; intergenerational relations; immigrant and refugee health; transnational family caregiving; cultural responsiveness.

Curriculum Vitae

(706) 621-2497

Department of Human Development and Family Science

Hosik Min

Dr. Hosik Min
Assistant Professor of Sociology and Gerontology, University of South Alabama

Research: Health Disparities, Population Aging, and Mortality and Morbidity

Curriculum Vitae

(251) 460-7677

Office: HUMB9

 Dr. Mundy

Dr. Leonard A. Mundy
Assistant Professor of Sociology

Research: Gender & Sexuality 

Curriculum Vitae


(251) 460-7079 

Office: HUMB8

Dr. Amy Nelson

Dr. Amy Nelson
Assistant Professor of Physiology and Cell Biology

Dr. Nelson's Curriculum Vitae 


(251) 460-7004

Offce: MSB 3074

Dr. Samuel Russ Associate Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering; University of South Alabama

Dr. Samuel Russ
Associate Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of South Alabama 

Research: Consumer Electronics including reliability and design for manufacturability, Signal Integrity and High-speed Digital Design Techniques , Embedded Systems, Sensor Networks, High-performance Computing, and Hard disk drive performance and reliability

Curriculum Vitae


(251) 461-1378 

Office: Shelby Hall 4119

Laura White

Dr. Laura White
Director of Clinical Education/Assistant Professor of Department of Physical Therapy, University of South Alabama 

Research: Geriatric PT, Clinical Education, Professional Issues, Practice Management

Curriculum Vitae


(251) 445-9248

Office: HAHN 2019