PASSAGE USA Transition Initiative

PASSAGE USA Graduates in front of Waterman Globe.


Part of the PASSAGE USA project is the Transition Initiative. Individualized planning for students with disabilities is often a confusing process for parents. They are given a copy of their special education rights and asked to be full participants in team meetings about their children’s futures without any training or support. The Transition Initiative aims to make the special education process clear to parents so that they can be active, engaged, and knowledgeable participants in all of their children’s individualized education meetings, especially those focused on transitioning from school to adulthood. This in turn would allow families to know and pursue options that are currently available, rather than having children with disabilities complete high school and not be maximizing outcomes with meaningful employment, post-secondary education, community engagement, independent living, and/or self-determination.

Contact if you are interested in a Zoom or a face-to-face meeting for your class, your parents, or yourself to discuss transition or PASSAGE USA.

Contact if you are interested in a Zoom or a face-to-face class to address Self-Determination.

Contact if you would like additional Transition resources.


This project is funded by grants from the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Post- Secondary Education Grant # P407A150076 and P407A200064.