PDF Headings

NOTICE: Even though you may not be getting any Header issues, ALWAYS be sure to check if you have a H1 in your document. The H1 should be the title of the page. If you do NOT have one, please create one by making the title of the page, or first section of primary text on the page, the H1 for the document


Appropriate Nesting 

When using headers in a document, you must make sure that your document follows the correct, accessibly structure. Make sure your headers follow in order (i.e. <h1> then <h2> then <h3> and so on)

To fix the structure:

  1. Find the list in the Accessibility Checker panel by right-clicking (Windows) or Ctrl-clicking (Mac OS) the failed element and choosing Show in Tags Panel.
  2. Create elements, change the types of elements, or rearrange existing elements by dragging them.

Be sure that your headers follow he right structure. Header levels can only go up or down ONE level at a time, and there can only be a single level one header on a page at a time.