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The Classroom Active Learning Initiative South Alabama is designed to provide active and engaged learning which maximizes the student learning experience. Each room may vary in its selection of media infrastructure, flexible furniture, glass boards, projectors, screens, instructor lecterns, and desktop monitors. Each room is equipped to provide interactive learning with online/virtual students. Some of the C-ALISA Classrooms are uniquely constructed with mobile chairs and tables arranged for learning in small groups of varying sizes. Active learning can also include lecture rooms with fixed seating. The design features built into the classroom increase student engagement with interactive collaborative learning. 


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You can download general training resources for the C-ALISA classrooms from the list below:

▼   Wacom Tablet Resources

In the new technology classroom, one of the integral components is the Wacom Tablet. The Wacom Tablet, also called an annotation tablet, provides a surface on which an instructor can sketch and draw, display images, and annotate presentations, photos or documents while displaying them to the class. With the Wacom Tablet, you can write with ease—from digital handwriting to sketching to mind mapping to annotating and grading.

Downloadable training resources:

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