ILC Workshop Schedule

Professional Development Workshop Schedule

This Spring, the ILC will be offering a variety of workshops and seminars that address pedagogical issues and instructional technologies. Unless noted otherwise, all workshops will be held in the ILC Classroom (across the courtyard from the ILC offices). 

Schedule Spring Semester 2019

The schedule at a glance provides the complete lists of workshops offered, click on the hyperlinks provided on the PDF document to register.  The monthly schedule contains the workshop descriptions, as well as a link for your registration.  We hope you join our workshops!



 Detailed Schedule

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▼   April

April 10, 2019

12:15-1:15 pm.  Via Zoom

Writing Effective Final Exam Questions

Presenter: Dr. Raj Chaudhury

As final exams loom, faculty need a toolbox of questions to ask on final examinations that are both easy to grade (given the compressed timeline) and also probe whether or not students can apply information they have learned throughout the course. In this workshop, participants will engage with sample questions types that Dr. Chaudhury has used in his own classes and in work with faculty from various disciplines. They will also have the chance to think about appropriate questions they can design for their own needs.

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April 10, 2019

2:00-4:00 pm

Assessment Workshop: Why do I have to Use Assessment Data? Isn't it Enough that Collected it? 

Presenters:  Dr. Cecelia G. Martin, Dr. David S. Williams

Assessment of student learning has been an important component of regional accreditation since 1986. Some 30 years later, faculty still lack the knowledge and training necessary to fully comprehend the benefits of assessment for their teaching and student learning. As content experts, faculty can typically articulate what they want their students to know or be able to do when they complete a program. However, faculty may not see the connection between teaching, learning, and program assessment. As a result, we have specifically identified use of data for improvement of student learning as an opportunity for improvement at our institution. This workshop will present faculty and staff with strategies when working with faculty to develop methods for effectively using data to improve student learning.

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 April 12, 2019

9:00-11:00 am

Course Design Open Lab

Presenter: Dr. David Williams

Email Dr. Williams at to confirm availability

April 12, 2019 (via Zoom)

2:00-3:30 pm

Slide into Pear Deck: Transform your Lecture Slides into Active Learning Sessions (via Zoom)

Dr. David Williams will take you on a tour of Pear Deck, a classroom response system (CRS) that is implemented into lecture slides and provides faculty with more options for real-time engagement than many other such tools. Pear Deck is an online application that allows professors to collect student responses in a variety of formats. The responses are compiled and can be displayed anonymously to the class in real time.

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 April 17, 2019




April 18, 2019


Collaborative Workshop Series (POSTPONED)

Attitude Assessment: Improving competence and Confidence in Chemistry Instruction- Pamela Clevenger 

An attitude assessment, designed by Jennifer Lewis, tracks student attitudes in chemistry from beginning to end of the course, Freshmen General Chemistry. By collecting this baseline data, we can hopefully identify key attributes of students and faculty that can be used to increase success in future STEM courses and ultimately degree completion.

 April 23, 2019

12:00-2:00 pm

 USAonline Advanced: Course Design

Learn how to make the content in your course more interactive, appealing, and streamlined with the USAonline Lessons Builder tool. In this workshop you will learn how to embed content, link assignments to lessons, customize your course page, and improve the overall quality of your content design with this tool.

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 April 26, 2019


Course Design Open Lab

Presenter: Dr. David Williams

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