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A lightboard is a piece of transparent glass outfitted with internal lights, which allows the content drawn on the glass to be illuminated. Instructors are recorded as they face the camera while also writing on the board with fluorescent markers. A software program flips the images on the lightboard so that viewers see the writing correctly, resulting in the professor being able to maintain eye contact with viewers as they write on the board. Lectures could be captured live or recorded for later use via Panopto. Some editing of videos will be required.

▼   Studio Hours
The lightboard studio is open Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm (by appointment only). Email Hannah Wilson at to reserve time in the studio.
▼   Planning Your Visit to the ILC

**We are taking every precaution to adhere to COVID-19 safety procedures in the ILC Studio to keep you and our staff as safe as possible. You must wear a mask when you visit the ILC. The studio is set up in a way that allows for social distancing and you will be allowed to remove your mask during recording. The studio equipment is sanitized after every use and there is hand sanitizer available for you to use before and after visiting the studio.

  • Stop by the Studio | Consider planning a trip to the ILC before you plan to record with the lightboard so that you can get a feel for the equipment and space.
  • What to Wear | Avoid black or extremely dark colors to avoid blending into the black backdrop in the studio. Wear colors that will contrast nicely against a solid black background. Warm, solid colors are your best bet! Avoid wearing tight patterns (ex: pinstripes, plaid, houndstooth, check, etc.) that can cause a distracting effect on camera called moiré. Very bright colors (white, neons, etc.) can cause your clothing to "glow" when the contrast is set for your skin tone. Don't wear anything with text or logos (the video will be flipped and they will appear backwards). Avoid wearing noisy fabric and jewelry to cut down on unwanted mic noise.
  • What to Bring | If you have a slide deck (PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides) with overlays for your lightboard session, please share the file(s) via email or Google Drive ahead of your visit, or bring them on a USB drive. We will share your recorded video via Google Drive for you to download at your convenience.
▼   Recording Considerations
  • Plan out your presentation before coming to the studio. Remember: You have one board to fill up. If you have to erase because you ran out of room, then it's probably too long.
  • Before starting and ending your lecture, pause and look at the camera. This gives a clear-cut point to edit your video. 
  • Stay close to the board. Stepping too far away from the board will cause you to appear in shadow, may cause you go out of focus and appear blurry, and can cause changes in audio clarity.
  • When writing on the board, look at what you are writing. When talking about something on the board, point and look at it.
  • When you aren't writing or pointing, look at the camera and engage your audience. 
  • Keep your face unobstructed by leaving yourself a window. Move to the side as you write and lecture, so your face isn’t covered by text. This makes it easier to see what you, as well as read the board. 
  • To reduce squeak and help maintain the markers, don’t push too hard when writing. 
  • Be sure to turn off your cell phone to avoid unwanted noises during your video.
  • Don’t aim for perfection. Your goal is to help students understand a topic, so as long as you meet your objective, that’s what matters!
▼   Slide Requirements & Templates

Slides can add helpful content to lightboard videos. Whether you're looking to include diagrams, overlay photos, or add extra visual interest through animation, you can use slides as you would in any other live presentation, only now you also have the benefit of a face-to-face connection and whiteboard rolled into one.

Slide formatting requirements:

  • Size: 16x9
  • Background Color: Black

Here are some templates from Revolution Lightboards that you can follow to help you get started: