MéPLE Mentoring | Mentoring Professionals for Learning & Enhancement

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Sponsored by the ILC and the Faculty Senate Mentoring Committee


The MéPLE Mentoring program seeks to create an inclusive, supportive network for faculty of various disciplines, ranks, and experience. This one year program is designed to provide opportunities for USA faculty to participate as mentors or as mentees. Guidance and training will be provided to both groups, with special attention to the role of mutual mentoring appropriate for a university environment. Rather than traditional one-on-one mentoring dyads, MéPLE will be organized with mentor-mentee ‘pods’, where two to three faculty mentors will engage in semi-structured dialogues and activities with a small group of mentees.

  • By providing a formal, structured, non-hierarchical mentoring program, mid-career faculty, in addition to new faculty, will be mentored to take the next step in their professional development.
  • Connected and committed faculty foster a “web of significant relationships” to boost motivation and productivity (Carr et al., 2003; Felten & Lambert, 2020).
  • Faculty mentoring programs increase retention, inspire scholarly productivity, build networks and promote professional growth and career development for mentees as well as mentors (Brckalorenz & Brandon, 2021; Gantz, 2021; Lumpkin, 2011; Muschallik & Pull, 2016). 

What can you expect?

  • Attend 3 to 4 meetings per semester
  • Participate in mentor/mentee training (counted as one of the four fall semester meetings)
  • Engage with level-specific mentoring discussions that support professional and scholarly advancement
  • Build a values-based, supportive network
  • Earn University-recognized service hours
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Please email Lisa LaCross (lacross@southalabama.edu) or Beth Shepard (erugan@southalabama.edu)