New Faculty Scholar Program

New Faculty Scholar (NFS) Program Goals

A year-long program to build community among South Alabama faculty

  • To support South’s newest faculty by providing support for scholarly achievement, innovative teaching, and outstanding public engagement and service.
  • To create a collegial, interdisciplinary network for social support and future teaching, research, outreach, administrative, and service collaborations.


New Faculty Scholars participate in an academic year-long sequence of seminars and symposia to support becoming a fully engaged and productive faculty member at South Alabama.

  • Satisfactory completion of the New Faculty Scholars program satisfies the university’s new faculty development requirements outlined in the New Faculty Orientation Canvas site.
  • Get to know your new colleagues and get to know the University!


Full-time faculty (tenure-track at any rank, or non-tenure track) who are in their first or second year are invited to apply for the NFS program.

Certificate of Completion

Faculty who satisfy the following requirements will receive a certificate of completion that can be included in their promotion and tenure portfolio.

  • Attend at least two-thirds of the required meetings
  • Register for at least one Small Group Instructional Feedback (SGIF) during the fall or spring semester
  • Create an ePortfolio in Canvas Folio by Spring Break
  2024-2025 Application *application deadline: Wednesday, August 21  

List of Selected New Faculty Scholars

Questions: Dr. Robin Lasey – | 251-461-1888

▼   2023-24
Scholar Department
Jordan Albright Psychology
Sarah Allred Mathematics & Statistics
Kristie Blanchard Burch Urology
Courtney Broadfoot Speech Pathology & Audiology
Kevin Grace Mathematics & Statistics
Nabin Karki Hematology Oncology
Nancy Kelly Sociology, Anthropology, & Social Work
Hannah Kibby Information Technology
Sohee Kim Counseling & Instructional Sciences
Bhushan Lohar Systems Engineering
Molly Miller Marine & Environmental Sciences
Jeffrey Mudrock Mathematics & Statistics
Shanita Pettaway Political Science & Criminal Justice
Linda Sanchez Sociology, Anthropology, & Social Work
Fabian Terbeck Earth Sciences
Cinthya Torres Modern & Classical Languages & Literature
▼   2022-23
Scholar Department
Erica Ahlich Psychology
Tara Andrews Physical Therapy
Shelly Bates Health, Kinesiology, & Sport Management
Amy Beasley Community Mental Health Nursing
George Bovenizer Communication
George Clark Computer Science
Eliane Eakin Pediatrics
Caleb Humphreys English
Mark Minton Physician Assistant Studies
Esther Morrison Internal Medicine
Jungyeon Park Political Science & Criminal Justice
Alexis Rockwell Political Science & Criminal Justice
Jamie Spiegel Psychology
Matthew Stratton Health, Kinesiology, & Sport Management
Sarah Urankar Biomedical Sciences
Jacob Wiley Earth Sciences
▼   2021-22
Scholar Department
Amber Bokhari Infectious Diseases
Troy Burley Physical Therapy
Jen Christopher Psychology
Michael DiPasquale Mathematics & Statistics
Joseph Ferry Adult Health Nursing
Laura Frost Biology
Joanna Furno Mathematics & Statistics
Drew Gossen Leadership & Teacher Education
Brandi Kiel-Reese Marine Biology
Benjamin Linzmeier Earth Sciences
E. Melissa Perez-Garcia Pediatric Endocrinology
Paramahansa Pramanik Mathematics & Statistics
Phoibe Renema Biomedical Sciences
Kavita Sherpa Adult Health Nursing
Krista Stacey Computer Science
Nicholas Stanley Speech Pathology & Audiology
Robyn Stefanone Management
Jared Sunsdahl Military Science: Army ROTC
Tuan Tran Biology
Elisha Woods Community Mental Health Nursing
I-Heng (Ray) Wu Management
Kuan-Sheng (Charles) Wu Political Science & Criminal Justice
▼   2020-21
Scholar Department
Aline Botsis Health, Kinesiology & Sport
Ashleigh Bowman Maternal Child Health Nursing
Tracy Brown Maternal Child Health Nursing
Pamela Clevenger Chemistry
Kim Cooper Adult Health Nursing
Sara Davis Maternal Child Health Nursing
Jeremiah Henning Biology
Christina Johnson Theatre & Dance
Patricia Johnson Adult Health Nursing
Joshua Keller Health, Kinesiology & Sport
Brandi KIel Reese Marine Sciences
Dakota Lindsey Psychology
Karen Morrison Leadership & Teacher Education
Jonathan Perez Biology
Sue Somerville Occupational Therapy
Jason Strickland Biology
Courtney Taylor Adult Health Nursing
Kelly Urban History
Brady Urquhart Maternal Child Health Nursing
Ryan Williams Political Science & Criminal Justice
Yingying Zhang Mathematics & Statistics
Hana Zickgraf Psychology
▼   2019-20
Scholar Department
Brady Baker Maternal Child Health Nursing
Sandip Barui Mathematics & Statistics
Aline Botsis Health, Kinesiology & Sport
Ashleigh Bowman Maternal Child Health Nursing
Pamela Clevenger Chemistry
Sara Davis Maternal Child Health Nursing
Joel Ellzie Emergency Medical Services Training
Jeremiah Henning Biological Sciences
Sherry James Community/Mental Health Nursing
Christina Johnson Theatre & Dance
Patricia Johnson Adult Health Nursing
Jason Largue Physician Assistant Studies
Dakota Lindsey Psychology
Karen Morrison Leadership & Teacher Education
Cornetta Mosley Speech Pathology & Audiology
Thu Olsen Earth Sciences
Craig Parkes Health, Kinesiology & Sport
Sue Somerville Occupational Therapy
Amy Sprinkle Marine Sciences
Kelly Urban History
▼   2018-19
Scholar Department
Ashley Flagge Speech Pathology and Audiology
Joe Gaston Counseling & Instructional Sciences
Jinhui Wang Electrical and Computer Engineering
Laura Vrana English
Lorraine Ahearn Communication
Jung Hwa Choi Communication
Tristan Johnson Accounting
Richard Cahanin Physical Therapy
Allison Krile Thornton Philosophy
Daniel D. Balena Mathematics & Statistics
Sandip Barui Mathematics & Statistics
Heidi McDermott Physical Therapy
Arjun Dahal Physics
Pamela Moore Counseling and Instructional Sciences
Daniela Wolter Ferreira Touma Electrical and Computer Engineering
Prakash Duraisamy Computer Sciences
▼   2017-18
Scholar Department
James Rich Accounting
Donna Copeland Adult Health Nursing
Mary Kroetz Biology
Edward Duranty Chemistry
Arka Pandit Civil, Coastal and Environmental Engineering
Shenghua Wu Civil, Coastal and Environmental Engineering
Melissa Walter Communication
Shenghua Zha Counseling and Instructional Sciences
Anthony Bessios Electrical and Computer Engineering
Geoffrey Hudson Health, Kinesiology, & Sport
Benterah C. Morton Leadership and Teacher Education
Christopher Parrish Leadership and Teacher Education
Christina Wassenaar Management
John Lehrter Marine Sciences
Charlene A. Dadzie Marketing and Quantitative Methods
Steven Clontz Mathematics and Statistics
Gayan Abeynanda Mathematics and Statistics
Kevin Tsai Modern & Classical Languages & Literature
Tara Thompson Occupational Therapy
Robin Deacy Occupational Therapy
Blair Saale Physical Therapy
Sharon Pelekanos Physician Assistant Studies
Krista Mehari Psychology
Shoon Lio Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work
Erin Nelson Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work
Kendrea Garand Speech Pathology and Audiology
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